Unlikely love

Gabrielle, is a girl who is kind and loving she is a sweet person and loves her best friend more than anything she is a swimmer and loves music and playing the guitar she is a tomboy and gets good grades shes adored by everyone and her and her big brother matt, are really close because there parents are divorced. Its the start of the new school year and the badboy of the school if off kissing all the girls and hitting on them....again. she hates harry but what will happen when he realizes he loves her?? will he win her over??


1. A new year

Authors note: Heyy :) im elle <3 this is my first story so i hope you like it and if you have any ideas or requests just let me know in the comments :) any way hope you like it and i hope your day is more beautiful then a unicorn farting rainbows!

Gabrielle`s P.O.V:

I woke up excited for the new school i had not seen my best friend charlotte all summer, and i got to see her today!. i got up and ran down stairs getting ready for school quickly, i made pancakes for me and my big brother matt. i shouted "matt i made pancakes!" he came downstairs and hugged me "morning gabs", i put the pancakes on the table and devoured them. matt tried to talk to me but i didnt care i wanted to get to school!, i texted charlotte "hey charlotte i have not seen you all summer! i cant wait meet me at the lockers". i then grabbed my bag hugged matt and ran out the house and drove to school, when i got there i could see about 15 girls in a circle i looked to see what was going on but i couldnt see anything. i ran to the lockers and saw charlotte waiting i gave her a massive hug. "Charlotte! im so glad to see you" "you too gabs! so whats up" " oh same old same old, hey do you know what that crowd is doing there?" "yeah you know harry styles " "him! why do they want him hes a total jerk face" " i know but there teenage girls...crazy ones" we both laughed and walked to class. in class it was boring as normal! but i still listened harry started staring at me  half way through and charlotte kept laughing. when class ended charlotte and i  went to lunch and kept on talking, but all day it was like harry was always there.....staring at me. when school finished i went to my locker and said bye to charlotte, as i was packing my things harry walked towards me i groaned and prayed he would not come over but he did."hey gabrielle, your looking good today" he smirked, i just laughed at him "leave me alone styles i dont need your crap" i slammed my locker door and started walking off but he stopped me by grabbing my waist. "oh come on babe you know you want me" i just looked at him blankly "i dont want you i hate you and dont touch me!" i walked off this time and he didnt stop me. i got home and did my homework, and went on twitter and facebook it was all the normal crap so i closed it and checked my texts, there was one from harry and about 10 from charlotte i laughed then wondered how the hell did he get my number. it read;" hey babe wanna come over to my place ;) " i didnt reply and just walked downstairs to get some food and watch tv. the next day was the same except this time harry did`nt let me go home as easy.

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