fix a heart (niall horan and liam payne love story)

when two 18 yr olds annika and alex just got out of a abusive relationship with there boyfriends they movie to london.what happens when they meet the famous boyband one direction while walking in the park will there be some relationships or will they just hate the ones they love?



                                                                         **ALEX'S P.O.V**                                                                                                                         "YESS!!!" i say. i just bought tickets to go to london for the summer. finally i can get away from this hell hole i call my home! i pick up my phone to call ani(annika) "hello"? i hear her say "yo yo yo wats up"?i say "nothing much" she says "well guess what we are going this summer which is two days away"? i ask "i dont know where"? she replis "weres the fun in saying gues what if you dont guess"? i say while having a sad face and a sad voice "I DONT KNOW JUST TELL ME"? she demands "well isnt someone rude to her friend even though shes taking you to london this summer"? i replie  "WHAT"? i hear her scream  "ya and if we like it then we might be able to live there"! i say "yay that would be awsome  well i am going to go pack so..... by"! i hear her say before the line goes dead. what if we do live there that would be so cool! i thought to myself well lets go pack!


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