fix a heart (niall horan and liam payne love story)

when two 18 yr olds annika and alex just got out of a abusive relationship with there boyfriends they movie to london.what happens when they meet the famous boyband one direction while walking in the park will there be some relationships or will they just hate the ones they love?



                                                                         **ANI'S P.O.V**                                                                                                                            "UGH!!!!" i say as i end the call. i just got off the phone with alex she says that she will pick me up in 5min's. i get my stuff downstairs. i hear a knock at my door. "yoyo" i say . "yo ".she says back. "well lets go get my stuff and put it in your car". I says "kk" alex say's                                                                                                                               

                                                                      **PLANE RIDE**ALEX'S P.O.V*                                                                                                   "tickets please." the ticket lady asks. we give her our tickets and then we board the plane ."i am bored". i say  "well then blah blah blah" was all i could hear of ani because i look to the seat to my left and saw five boys. one had blonde hair that you could tell was bleached and he had the most beautiful blue eyes that i have ever seen. the next guy had brown hair with brown eyes. the next guy had brown curly hair and green eyes,the other boy had brown hair with blue eyes but it wasnt as beautiful as the blonde dude, the last guy had black hair that was in a quiff and brown eyes. "are you even listing to me"? ani asks "oh ya i was". i say "ok well looks like its getting dark so lets turn on the t.v. and go to bed". ani says "kk night". i say before drefting off into peaceful sleep!                                                                                                  

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