fix a heart (niall horan and liam payne love story)

when two 18 yr olds annika and alex just got out of a abusive relationship with there boyfriends they movie to london.what happens when they meet the famous boyband one direction while walking in the park will there be some relationships or will they just hate the ones they love?



so if you want to see some of the looks i created for this then go to and look for aliengirl2253. to find the search bar go to the top right corner and you will see register or log in and if you look by it you will see a search icon and the word products and if you clik it or roll over it you will see an arrow roll over the arow and pick members,then put my name (aliengirl2253) in and then push enter on your keyboard and clik on my name. once your in my profile the look for two sets that will say annika and her hotel room and alex and her hotel room.

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