fix a heart (niall horan and liam payne love story)

when two 18 yr olds annika and alex just got out of a abusive relationship with there boyfriends they movie to london.what happens when they meet the famous boyband one direction while walking in the park will there be some relationships or will they just hate the ones they love?


4. movie time!

                                                                                             alex's p.o.v                                                                                                                       i walk over to ani's room after me and niall sit down ,have chiken,and talk. we might of had a little bit of a food fight but who was there to say. i walked in her room without knocking. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE! i looked and saw ani with liam but, ani had only a towel on."AHHHHHHH"! "oh hi alex wats wrong"? "PUT SOME CLOTHS ON ON YOU HIPPY"! i scream at her and walk out. i walk next door to nialls room and knock on the door. he opens  it instaly. "hi". "yoyo". "so why did you scream"? he askes with a little bit of concern in his voice and face."oh nothing i just saw ani with only a towel on while she was talking to liam you know just a normal day in alex vill". i say while laughing. he laughs too. "so can i come in and get that picture out of my mind"? "sure." i walk in and sit down on the couch. "so". he says "so." i say mocking him. "do you want to watch a movie." he suggest."sure wat do you have"? "i have jaws." kool can we watch it i never saw is before!" "sure but to warn you it's kinda scary." "pft dude i can handel scary you should see my house on hallowing its the most scary house on my block." i say. "ok". he says while putting the movie in. he sits back down next to me. in the middle of the movie jaws attacks a person. i scream. niall laughs and moves closer to me putting his arm around me. i instaly snuggle with him. wat i'm a snuggler. he smiles and kisses my head. we stay like that untill its time to go clubbing.

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