fix a heart (niall horan and liam payne love story)

when two 18 yr olds annika and alex just got out of a abusive relationship with there boyfriends they movie to london.what happens when they meet the famous boyband one direction while walking in the park will there be some relationships or will they just hate the ones they love?



                                                                        **ALEX'S P.O.V**                                                                                                                          i wake up to someone putting food in my face."i knew it would work". i hear anni say "duh it always does". i say while eating a chicken buger. "well lets go the plane landed".she say "kk"i say back                                                                                                  *********************************************************at the hotel***************************************************************** "whoa this i sso cool". i say. "i know right now i am going to go cheak in i want you to stay seated in this chair and by the time i get back i want to see you sitting in that chair. ani says. "ok mom". i say . the front door opened. it reveld the same boys that were on the plane. the blonde one looks at me and smiles.he has such an adorable smile! i smile back. we kept on looking into each others eyes. they were so beautiful! "well lets go to our room and unpack". ani says. i snapped my head to her direction. "kk". i say while walking to the elevater. the elevater opend to the top floor! "kool", i say "i know right". says ani. i open up my place. (yes me and ani are living alone. what we need our privacy). "O...M...G! ITS SO EPIC"!! i scream. then i hear a knonk at my door. i opend it to expect ani but enstead it was the blonde boy that i saw on the plane and front loby. "umm hey".he says "yo." i say "me and the boys were wondering if you and ur friend would like to have a party or go clubing"? he says "HELL YA I WOULD but i would have to se if ani would." i say


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