Only you

When Vanessa was 16 her dad had died in a car accident,her mom was always away on business trips,her big sister and brother in college.Which left her with just her friends she looked out for herself,but when she saw the new kid Liam Payne she instintly fell in love with him.He started to hang out with two guys named Niall and Harry.When she is walking one day to her house everything changes,with a text message!


7. Want to be my girlfriend.

Liam's P.O.V

I really loved Vanessa.I kept staring at her in English class.She laughed with her friends.I loved her laugh.She smiled at me with those gorgeous dimples of hers.Niall was looking at me the whole time and I just looked at him he was jealous because I have been hanging with Vannessa.Harry the whole time was just doing his work for once.I wanted Vanessa to be mine.I want to ask her out.I am in lunch I need to be a man and ask her out. English finally ended and I had to go to math class.I went to my locker got my math things and headed to math,when I entered Harry was flirting with Vanessa.I got jealous of course.I sat behind Vanessa and Harry came over to me and he started talking to me the last bell rung and harry sat on the other side of the room and the teacher came in we all had to stand but harry wasn't in his desk he got detention.We sat down and started doing our bellwork.We were doing a math project and the teacher was calling out names to see who was who's partner harry got this girl named Samantha and Niall got Yvonne.I got paired up with Vanessa which I was so excited.She looked excited also.I walked up to her desk and we started working on the project.I felt eyes on me when I looked who it was it was Harry.I knew he had a crush on her for a long,long,long ass time but it seems me and her are meant to be.I ignored him and returned to the project.We got off topic and just started taking about anything random.We kept on talking when the teacher was checking how our project was going,when he walked to us we just pretended like we've been working the whole time.He didn't say anything just went on to the next desk.Vanessa grabbed her ruler and I got my pencil and continued to work she whispered to me that we will continue our conversation later.I just smiled at her and she smiled back.We kept working when she dropped her pencil she bent down to get it ,but I was to fast for her.When I was reaching down to get her pencil our hands touched.She looked at me and smiled.When she finally got her pencil.we just kept looking into each others eyes,and smiling.The bell rung it was time for lunch .Most of the kids runned downstairs.Some walked normally like me and Vanessa.I went to my locker so did Vanessa and we just walked to the cafteria together and she went with her friends which saved her a spot in line.I went to the back of the line.When someone was yelling my name and it was Harry and Niall telling me to go with them.I went and we started talking.Vanessa was already seated she kept laughing with her friends.She looked beautiful even when she is laughing.When we finally sat down,We ate and talked.Vanessa was finished with her lunch and went to go dump it in the trash,I went too.She just smiled at me,when she was about to go back to her table.I whispered to her to meet me in the library in five minutes she nodded and smiled with her gorgeous dimples.I headed back to my table and Harry was in a conversation with Niall.When I sat down Niall began starting to intruduce me to other people.I told them I will be back in little while.I headed to the library Vanessa was already there.I pulled her to the back of the library where no one will see us.She didn't question me.When we got to the back I looked at Vanessa.She asked my were we here.I couldn't keep it in my mouth no more I grabbed her hand And told her "Vanessa would you go out with me".

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