Only you

When Vanessa was 16 her dad had died in a car accident,her mom was always away on business trips,her big sister and brother in college.Which left her with just her friends she looked out for herself,but when she saw the new kid Liam Payne she instintly fell in love with him.He started to hang out with two guys named Niall and Harry.When she is walking one day to her house everything changes,with a text message!


1. Me and the girls

I just can't wait to be out of school said "Yvonne".
I know right,I don't want to spend one more day here said "Guadalupe".
"Can you guys just stay calm just two more weeks and we'll be out of here forever I said.
That's if we graduate said "Alice". Oh Lord don't scare me like that Alice said Yvonne.
Well i got to go to class now said "guadalupe.Yeah,me too!Well I'll see you guys later I said.
My house after school said Alice.Ok we all agreed!

Vanessa's P.O.V
Once I got to class everyone was talking about graduating.I saw that everyone was talking about a party that was gonna be at someone's house while there parents are gone out of town,how can people be so mischievous i thought to myself.My thoughts were inturuppted by the girl who was next to me named "Nataly".Oh I'm sorry what happened I asked".The teacher called you she told me.Oh,Where is he anyways?I guess he just left said nataly.I am tired,I need to start sleeping early now I thought to myself.But I just can't because my ex-boyfriend david still haunts my dreams at night he is the reason I can't concentrate,he is the reason I don't get enough sleep!i just can't forget those last words he said to me "Vanessa I will find you and kill you".That phrase still haunts me.I loved him until he tried to kill me in my sleep.I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him,but that will never EVER EVER happened.Class had already started good thing nothing important was going on.Once class was over I went straight to my locker and I headed to the bathroom and I started checking my twitter I had a new follower.
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