Only you

When Vanessa was 16 her dad had died in a car accident,her mom was always away on business trips,her big sister and brother in college.Which left her with just her friends she looked out for herself,but when she saw the new kid Liam Payne she instintly fell in love with him.He started to hang out with two guys named Niall and Harry.When she is walking one day to her house everything changes,with a text message!


5. Life alone


Like I forgot to set alarm for school I didn't go.I needed supplies anyways.So I went out for breakfast,because I didn't have food yet.I went to the nearest McDonalds which was 2 blocks away from the apartment I went walking because I had no car yet.And also it was only two blocks away.I got there and ordered and went and sat ,when I noticed a cute girl.She was by herself and was wearing sweats and a loose top with some nikes with her hair tied in a perfect long ponytail,she had black hair,beautiful brown eyes,earphones and was drinking a coffee.She was gorgeous.I kept staring at her until she noticed me looking at her she smiled,oh my she had dimples too.She left,but before she did she smiled at me again,I smiled back.I had finished my breakfast and I left and was still thinking about that girl.I got back to the apartment and watched some telly and I was looking for something good to watch there was nothing to watch so I decided to walk around and get to know this place.I went out and I started to walk around.I got a message from my mum.She texted me saying "honey I miss you,and how is it going over there in california.I replied to her"I miss you too,and great,say hi to everyone over there.I kept walking until I decided to go back to the apartment and take a shower.I walked back to the apartment and I went straight to the shower.I took a good warm shower.I got changed and called a taxi to go to walmart.Once the taxi arrived I hopped in and told the driver to take me to walmart.I got to walmart an told the driver to wait and went inside of walmart.It was sort of hard to get the things I needed because It was now march so Most of the things I needed are gone.I got most of the things I needed,but I still had some from my old school.I went around and got some food.I got some other house stuff.When I was finally done,I went to the the cashier to pay.It was $127.81.I payed and then went to the taxi and I headed home.We got home and I payed the driver and went inside.I got everything in it's place and I got everything ready for school tomorrow.It was around 6 now so I decided to eat something for dinner I made some pasta.I ate and watched telly.I got tired of watching telly,so I checked the time it was 9 so I went to go wash my teeth,and went to my room and layed in bed thinking I didn't know anyone here so I was lonely, my life was lonely I needed someone to love and tell them to be mine forever like that girl from McDonalds she seemed perfect but I don't think she is available.I want her to be mine,but I don't think I am never going to see her again.I set the alarm for 6:30 in the morning.I went to sleep and I woke up to my alarm I got ready brushed my teeth,ate got my backpack and walked to school.When I got school people were staring at me mostly girls.I just kept walking until I reached the office.Hi I said.Oh Hello you must be Liam Payne.Uh yes.Go ahead and go to the principals office and he"ll tell you where to go from there.Ok thanks.I waited outside the principals office for about 10 minutes.When he came out he called me to go to his office.I took a seat and he started asking me questions.That lasted for a while.The principal handed me my schedule.He told the office to get me a mentor.A girl was my mentor.When she got to the principals office she looked at me and smiled.It was the girl from yesterday.I can't believe she was my mentor.I kept staring at her.When we left the principals office.She asked me for my schedule.I handed it to her.She smiled and said we have most of our classes together.There were 8 classes we had six together.We talked until we stopped by her locker.Oh by the way she said my name is Vanessa she said.My name is Liam.She was done getting things from her locker and she told me my locker was two away from hers.she pointed to it and I started unlocking it.When I caught her staring at me.I just smiled and we just stared at each other for a while which was sort of awkward but I liked it.We headed to homeroom we had the same.She pointed to a seat and told me to sit there,I obeyed and sat.She sat a couple of seats away with her 3 friends.I could tell she was a little popular,because some boys were flirting with her.Which I got jealous.Some other girls were talking to her. The bell rung and we all left for 1st hour which was P.E good thing I brought gym clothes.Vanessa waited for me.I loved her.We walked to gym together we were chatting.When we got to gym she told me to to the boys locker room which was on the other side of the gym.I walked in and started changing when a blonde- haired boy walked up to me and said to hang out with him and this curly-haired boy which I learned there name was Niall and Harry.We started working out  when vanessa came up to me and told me to stay with Niall and Harry.Hey babe said Niall to Vanessa.They were dating what the fuck.Niall for the last time don't call me that.She giggled which was cute.I ain't your girlfriend.Just kidding.Harry she said.Yes he said.Don't teach liam anything bad like you usally do to everyone.I won't he laughed.She walked away to her friends.When gym was finally over I went to my locker to put my things away when I found a note.

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