Only you

When Vanessa was 16 her dad had died in a car accident,her mom was always away on business trips,her big sister and brother in college.Which left her with just her friends she looked out for herself,but when she saw the new kid Liam Payne she instintly fell in love with him.He started to hang out with two guys named Niall and Harry.When she is walking one day to her house everything changes,with a text message!


2. Him!!!!

When I was checking my twitter to check who had followed me.A tall dark haired girl with brown eyes and dimples walked in."Hey Yvonne I said."Hey vanessa what are you doing trying to ditch class?No,why would I.Anyways what you doing.Oh,just checking who followed me on twitter.Ooo-ooh let me see.She took the phone away from my hand and she gasped.What?I asked.Do you really want to know.Just let me see it can't be that bad I said.Look who has followed you.I took the phone away from her hand.I almost had fainted,my ex-boyfriend had followed me I was worried now.i logged off and put up my iPhone in my back pocket.I walked out without saying a word to Yvonne.The last bell had already ranged,so that meant I had to go get a late pass & my class is on the third floor so I had to hurry.When I went to the office the secretary gave me a late pass and I thanked her and headed to my class.While I was heading to my class I missed a step and fell down the stairs I twisted my ankle.When a boy had saw me he ran to me and picked me up bridal-style he took me to the nurses,he laid me on the bed of the nurses office.I had fallen hard because I was sent home to rest.Once my mum pulled up to the driveway she got out first and gotten some crunches when she had broken her foot.She helped me up the stairs to my room to lay in bed and rest.I fell asleep and woke up to a text that I had gotten from Bffs "Hey we heard of what happened we feel really sorry :( anyways we are heading to your house to check on you"bye cya in a few.I replied "ok".When they got here they helped me on to my crutches to go down stairs to the living room.I sat on the couch watching Telly with my girls.Yvonne had told the girls about who had followed me and they said we should've just ignored him.They were right.
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