Only you

When Vanessa was 16 her dad had died in a car accident,her mom was always away on business trips,her big sister and brother in college.Which left her with just her friends she looked out for herself,but when she saw the new kid Liam Payne she instintly fell in love with him.He started to hang out with two guys named Niall and Harry.When she is walking one day to her house everything changes,with a text message!


3. getting to know this place



Ok  mum,fine,bye.It was my last day in wolverhampton I was in the mall buying some clothes before I leave.My phone rung again it was my sis ruth."Hello I answered."Liam where are you she asked.'At the mall why?Oh I thought you left without saying goodbye to me."No why would I leave without saying goodbye.Oh,well I thought you left anyways are you almost done shopping?"Yeah,I guess I'll see you at home in a few.Ok bye.I was paying when I saw my ex-girlfriend danielle.We started talking out of no where .Things got awkward between us.I was not really in a mood to talk to her.I just said bye and left.Once I got to my car,I was thinking about why I ever went out with her.She was a heartbreaker.I moved on.I drove back home and saw my mum crying.I asked her why was she crying."I'm crying because you are leaving.'Mum I will call and skype with you guys.'Promise.Yes mum I promise.Okay,let me just fix up dinner while you pack for your flight tonight.Okay mum.It will only take around 10 minutes to pack.Perfect,dinner takes about 15 minutes.I went upstairs to my room and starting getting my luggage out.I got my phone out and checked the time it was five.I started packing.I got done with one luggage started with another one.It took about 10 minutes I was finished around five twelve.I went downstairs for dinner I washed my hands and sat down and ate.I finished around 5 thirty.My flight was at 7 I had to get to the airport 30 minutes before my flight.I was packing my toothbrush and toothpaste.I went downstairs and started watching telly with my family.It was 6 now so I decided to go and get my luggage and I got downstairs and we all left to the airport.It was a silent car ride.When we got to the airport we had a family hug.I got inside the plane waving at my family.I could see my mum in tears already.Also my sisters Nicola and Ruth were crying.My dad tried calming them.I sat in my seat and looked out the window I saw my family getting on the car.I tried holding back the tears forming in my eyes I had to let them go.I fell asleep for a good four hours.I woke up and checked my messages there was one from mum.Mum;I miss you already,hope you have a good flight and remember that you'll always be my little boy lots of love-Mum.She sent that message three hours ago.I replied to her and just stared at the dark sky.I finally got to california.I stayed in a hotel for the night so I could rest.I woke up to a message from my dad.Hey son how was your flight?Good I replied.I got up and took a shower got changed and headed to go find an apartment to live in.I have to start school tomorrow to.I was roaming the streets finding an apartment.When I came upon one it looked like a good apartment.I was talking to the owner and I liked it so I took the place.I went to go find something to eat.I ate and headed to the hotel to pick up my things to my new apartment.I got to my new apartment in about 10 minutes.The hotel was close to my apartment so I went walking.There was a bed already in the apartment so all i needed was bed sheets and a bed cover.I had already brought my old pillows and blanket.I had already finished putting everything up in it's place.It was already 7 so I decided to watch some telly,cable was free here so that was good and a tv was already here so I watched tv and I fell asleep.

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