Why Me

A young girl named Danika, won a contest to go on tour with the band One Direction. All the guys love her but what will she do?


2. 2

 I got up for school at 6:00. I toss my hair into a ponytail and put on some shorts and a lime green tanktop with a hot pink belt and purse to match and a black jacket to put over it. I grabbed some cute gold flats and got to school. As soon as I got there, I got a text from a strange number. The area code was from the UK. It said ' Paul said you have to hurry up, Harry.' I texted them back,' I think you have the wrong number. Who is this?' I walked into the school not long before I got another text from the person. ' Harry, don't pull this. We have to go to an interview.' I just shrugged and put my phone in my pocket. During my second period, I got another text,' Harry, you missed the interview. Paul will kill you.' I'm so confused. I texted back,' I have no idea who this is. My name is Danika. Not Harry.' It took them a while to reply but when they did my friend McKenna came up to me. '' Hey Dani! '' '' Hey Kenna. '' I looked up at her to say hi but then I looked at my phone again. The text said,' Danika? We thought this was Harry. Sorry.' '' Who was that?'' McKenna asked me, frowning. '' I have no idea but they are looking for a Harry.'' I said looking at her. We walked to Geometry Class together. The snotty, not popular girl, Rachel, walked into class blabbering about One Direction. '' One Direction are not cool. Seriously, that Harry kid is stupid. He goes around acting all cool. Ugh.'' Then it hit me. The person who texted me was looking for a Harry. I fumbled for my phone, probably making a scene. '' What are you doing Dani?! Everyone is watching!'' '' I look up and see the whole class staring at me. '' Sorry. I am looking for my phone.'' Everybody 'Aahed' and walked to there desks. I found my phone and typed in,' Who is this?' I sent it and walked to my desk. My phone vibrated and I checked to see what they said. The text said,' This is Liam. We are trying to get a hold of Harry.' I gasped. Harry? Liam? These were the names of people in One Direction! I showed the text to McKenna and she gasped and said,'' What if he is Liam from One Direction.'' '' I don't know. I hope it is.'' I texted them back and said,' What's your last name? I know a Liam. Is this the Liam I know?' He texted back almost instantly. ' My last name is Payne. I can trust you with this right?' I almost fell out of my chair. I showed the text to McKenna and she screamed. Lightly though. '' Holy crap! It's him!'' The whole class looked at us, even the teacher. '' Danika, can you please read your most recent text message and then set your phone in a place where it cannot bug you? Now please.'' I swallowed hard and walked to the front. I could here Rachel and her possie snickering at me. Once I got to the front, I took my IPhone out and read the text. ''My last name is Payne. I can trust you with this, right?'' Rachel stopped snickering and looked at me, shocked. The teacher asked,'' And who were you talking to?'' '' Ermm.... Liam Payne....'' Rachel looked more shocked then ever. I smirked at her. She stuck her tongue out at me. The teacher then asked,'' What was in the conversation?'' '' Well, he asked for his friend Harry and I told him I'm not Harry. Then he said his first name and then I asked for his last name and that was the text I read out loud.'' Rachel looked so shocked, she lost all color in her face. I looked at McKenna and she was smirking at Rachel, too. Just then, my phone rang. I didn't get time to read it before the teacher snatched my phone and read it out loud. '' Danika, you sound like a pretty girl. I was wondering if you wanted to any out someday. From Harry. Oh! And bring food for Niall.'' I smiled widely and looked at Rachel. She glared at me. I just smirked and asked,'' Can you text him back and say sure. No problem and don't text me back because I am in school?'' '' Sure but I will be keeping your phone for the rest of the period.'' She said. Oh well, at least I'll be getting it back.

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