Why Me

A young girl named Danika, won a contest to go on tour with the band One Direction. All the guys love her but what will she do?


1. 1

Hey. I'm Danika. I am a HUGE directioner. I don't have a fave out of the guys so I don't hurt the guys feelings. Well, if I meet them. Now, to tell about my appearance. I have long brown hair and green eyes. I have really long eyelashes and I have soft pink lips. I'm not bragging but I'm actually really popular and cute. I date the quarterback on the football team. He treats me good but he kisses me then misteriously leaves. He says he is going to his house but when I call his home, his mom says he said he was at my house. I get suspicious but I just shrug it off. 




       Sorry but this was the info page. So this wasn't the real first chapter.



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