Can't Trust Me

I'm 17 years old. My main name is Jenny Summers, I have 3 others: Nicole Adams, McKenna West, and Rachel Osborne. I'm after Niall Horan. My sister Elise Summers is helping but she is after Liam Payne. We must travel around the world to find them. We have only 32 days to kill them. If we don't get them killed it will me and my sister who get killed. **1D NOT famous:)**


1. Why us?

** JENNY'S P.O.V.** 

 "Hello love," my chief greeted. "Hello. Any new missions for me and Elise today?"  "Yes, both of you have one target..." 
"Only one?!" Elise shouted. "Yes only one, but they are both very well trained..." "Wait how do you know that?" I questioned. 
"Because I trained them. Now stop cutting me off! Okay well they know our secret," Chief said looking at me, "If you don't kill them in 32 days then you two will be the next dead. That's how serious this mission is. You will be on flight 132 that leaves tomorrow afternoon Jenny, Elise you will be on flight 134 that leaves tomorrow evening.Before you interrupt me again the reason why you are on different flights are because your targets are in different cities." "But we never go on missions alone!" I yelled angrily. "Yes i know Jenny. If you find a way to get them together then you will be able to work together but that's almost impossible. The reason i picked you two is because you are both are the only two trained enough and i trust both of you." 

   All i can think is how can we get them together? Why does Chief think that we are the only ones well trained enough to go? 

Why us?  "I can't believe we are doing a mission without each other!" Elise said interrupting me from my thoughts. "I know." i mumbled. "Well we better get packing." Elise said.  

~Skip Packing 

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