Can't Trust Me

I'm 17 years old. My main name is Jenny Summers, I have 3 others: Nicole Adams, McKenna West, and Rachel Osborne. I'm after Niall Horan. My sister Elise Summers is helping but she is after Liam Payne. We must travel around the world to find them. We have only 32 days to kill them. If we don't get them killed it will me and my sister who get killed. **1D NOT famous:)**


2. The Beginning

**Elise's POV** 
"Wow, a mission i actually don't want to go on." I growled. "Your not the only one," Jenny replied. "Well I'm getting ready, i leave in an hour," her voice fading as she walks up to her room. I hate this stupid fucking mission! Well at least it wasn't like the time i got attacked by the Russian Agent Force. Well i learned something from that. Russians are very well trained. "Jenny and Elise i need you to follow me to my office," Chief said interrupting me from my flashback. "Yes, Chief?" I asked trying to act positive. "Don't call me chief. Call me Mikey, my real name. Anyways, there are some rules. One, you CAN'T get attached to your target because it will get harder to kill them and it might be a trap. Two, You will need to change your names, Jenny you will be your 'famous' McKenna West. Elise I have a new name for you." "Okay what is it?" "It's Rosa Washington." "Uh, okay," I said. I don't like the last name 'Washington' it's my dad's last name. **Flashback** "Dad, why is Mum bleeding?" "It's okay Angel." Yes my name used to be 'Angel Washington.' "She was working and her boss found out she told me her secret." "What secret?"I asked while my Dad starting driving away from our house. "She was a spy." "She WAS, why isn't she STILL?" I asked while tears started forming in my eyes. "Is she dead dad?" He looked me straight in the eyes "Yes, Im sorry but she is." He was about to hug me but then the car crashed into a pole and he was hit. Blood was everywhere but on me. He lied there. Dead. "DADDY!" i shouted as i started to sob. "Stop crying," i told myself, "I will be like me mum, a spy." I grabbed his gun and his phone and walked away. There was a message on his phone it said: "Did you kill her? I've been waiting to see you at my house. XX- Melissa" Who the hell is 'Melissa'?! That's when i got it, my dad was a cheater. **BEEP BEEP** his phone. "Hello, Agent 5XX Chief May wants you to meet with her for your new mission once you kill Veronica. XX- Agent 9952" Wait he was the one who killed me mum. Veronica is me mum. But i am orphan. I have been an agent here in Doncaster since that day i have been an agent here. I have been training for 3 years. I am 16 now. But Jenny has been through worse. She started when she was 10 and has been working for a whopping 7 years. **Present time** "Bye Jenny! I mean McKenna! Text me when you get there!" "Bye Elise! I uh mean Rosa!" And with that she was boarding the jet. It was sad watching her leave but i will be going in 3 hours to Mullingar, Ireland. ~1hour later #BEEP BEEP# Text From: Jenny, "GUESS WHAT! OUR TARGETS ARE TOGETHER!" "OH MY FUCKING GOD! REALLY!" I replied. "Rosa?" "Huh?" "I don't know how it happened but your targets are together. So you will going in 5 minutes" Mikey said happily. "FUCK YEAH!" I screamed jumping up and down in joy. Now

time to go!  

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