Meant to Be

Hello loves, my name is Louis Tomlinson and I am 1/5 of One Direction.

Can I ask you a quick question? When it comes to love, the steps are becoming a couple.. then falling in love then marriage? O well. I was never one for following the right order of things. Although this would of been easier to do it the old fashioned way.


1. Suprise Vacation

                                                                                      Friday Night 

  Today was a normal lazy day, by lazy I mean sitting on the couch watching movies all day and stuffing your face with what ever is in the fridge. Just because. I thrive for these days. I love touring and being about and meeting fans and all the thrill but the best days are the days you do nothing. 

   Anyways.. .it WAS a lazy day until Liam got off the phone. “Guess what?!” Liam runs into the room screaming at Harry, Niall, Zayn and I. He isn't one for yelling. I mean c'mon, this is the guy who just "Grrrrrhhhnnnnn" when he stubs his toe. You'll be lucky to get a swear word out of him. I opened my mouth to take a guess, but Niall beat me to the punch. "Nandos is giving me an all you can eat FREE buffet this year for my birthday?" He closes his eyes and crosses his fingers, repeating "please" to himself silently. 

     We all glanced at him and state “No” in unison. He pouts and puts his face down. "Fuck!" Now Niall, he swears just about any chance he gets. He blames it on the Irish blood that runs through his veins.

 Harry chuckles and tries to guess also, “You realized that Niall is your one true love and are so excited that you ran in here and said guess what?”

     Liam’s face is priceless. His eye brows scrunch up like he just had some sour tea. “Uh…no…but thanks for letting know what you really want Harry.” He sits on the sofa that is across from Harry and me. Its a bright red. Zayns idea. This apartment were in, we all designed. Its just somewhere we stay in London whenever we have the chance. I don't really see the need for 5 bedrooms. We rarely stay here all at once. Harry and I often share a bedroom anyways, while Niall and Liam can just about sleep anywhere. 

     Liam rubs his hands together beaming and says real slowly "I just got off the phone with management...." he's smiling real big and just stops at that. 

      "WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT" Niall throws a couch pillow at him. We aren't exactly the people who have patience.  

      "Starting Sunday, we have fourteen days of ..... Zayn can I have a drumroll please?" Liam asks. 

      Zayn sits up off the sofa and drums his fingers on our coffee table. 

       "okay.. fourteen days of ..... VACATION!" he shouts and jumps up. 

     “LET’S CELEBRATE!” Niall shouts. Of course you already know where he would like to celebrate. I guess that I am the only person that is interested in where we will spend these two weeks at. “Liam, dear, where is this vacation at?” I inquired. I hope that it is somewhere we have never been. Liam jumps up onto the couch and belts, “were going to Las Vegas guys!”

      “YES!” Harry booms and does his happy dance. I start to laugh and he grabs my arm, pulling me up to dance with him. You would think we would be dancing like crazy people but nope, he wants to slow dance. Our hands together and my head laying on his shoulder. Niall whistles at Harry and yells "Get it" causing Harry to step back away from me.

    “Do you know how long I’ve waited for this day Louis?” He sounds so excited and I am happy that he is happy. That is pretty much how it works. I'm not happy if he's not happy. Being my best mate, he comes first. It isn't just him though. If any one of us are sad, the entire group of us is off our game.

   “To dance with me you mean? You’re so sweet Harry!” I grab him up in a bear hug. He puts me back at arm length and looks at me weirdly. “Lou, I meant going to Las Vegas; I’ve always wanted to go there.”

     I sigh in frustration. He looks even more confused now, “What’d I say wrong?” he asks the guys. “You ruined a perfect Larry moment, in case you didn’t notice.” I go and sit on the couch, trying my best to look oh so terribly heart broken.

     Niall comes and sits by me, putting his arm around my shoulder he says “Don’t worry Lad we are going to Nandos, which should cheer you right up.” Zayn and Liam start laughing. “You mean cheer you up, right?” Zayn throws the couch pillow at him. Causing a pillow fight to erupt. 


  Still Friday Night 

    Sadly, Nandos was closed and we ended up going back home where Harry cooked Spaghetti for all of us. Liam advised all of us to pack because we had a very early flight tomorrow since the flight from London to Las Vegas, was just about eleven hours. That's if we don't stop for a break. I think we will just go there in one straight shot.  I'm not usually a neat person, but I was the first person done packing. I waited in my room a bit, just to see if there was anything else that needed packed but bored myself quickly to death and went downstairs. 

     Most people assume that because we are pop stars, we must have huge TV's and diamonds everywhere or some shit, but our TV is 20 inches. Nothing to brag about. I do splurge on dvd's though. I have quite and impressive collection. Harry being his neat self, arranged all six hundred and forty nine of them in alphabetical order. Walking over to the large self, I quickly skim through them till I see G. Once I see what I want, I pop it into the dvd player, walk to kitchen, put a bag of popcorn in the dvd player and press play.

    About halfway through Grease, my favorite movie of all time, everyone is pretty much done except Zayn. Even though we still have a couple hours before bed, Liam is pacing the floors. He is such a worry wart.  “What is taking him so long? He just needs about twenty five outfits and that’s it. Wait! How many mirrors does he own? Do you think he is trying to pack them all?” Liam runs upstairs. 

    This situation is quite funny you see. Our fans know that Zayn is quite vain, but they don't know how bad it is. Its only getting worse with the fame. He's always checking his hair and his clothes in any reflection. I could understand doing that maybe if there was a pap around, just to make sure you don't look stupid for whatever magazine their taking the pics for, but not all the time.

      I hear a thump from upstairs. All three of our heads, Niall's, Harry's and I's immediately look up at the ceiling. Almost as if we would be able to see what would be going on through the floor. I never understood that either. I guess  it just comforts people to look where the sound is coming from even if we cant see it?

       More shouting. I can make out  “ZAYN MALIK! You only need one mirror!”

     We all get quiet and hear Zayn groan “What if that one breaks? I need a spare Liam!” “A spare is one Zayn, not ten.” He snaps while coming back downstairs. Once he reaches the last step, Niall, Harry and I start cracking up.

     “What’s so funny?” Liam asks us while walking past the couch. I guess he didn't know we could hear them. Niall attempts to answer but can’t even get it out in a full sentence. “You…Zayn…mirrors.” He bends over laughing really hard. Niall is the type to laugh way too much, he's care free and laughs at every little thing really. Even himself. Realization dawns on Liam. "ooh... you heard... that?.. I guess it is funny once you think about it. I do believe he was trying to pack every little reflective surface he had though."

    "Oh Liam, let him pack what he wants. This is supposed to be a FUN vacation." Harry reminds him. "Now sit down and start relaxing before we duck tape you to the couch."

      "Do we even have duck tape?" Liam starts to argue but Harry gets up and he quickly sits down. He lets himself sink into the couch and he actually looks like he might just start relaxing. Until he sits up and says "I cant have too much fun you know.. I've got..." 

   We all cut him off “a kidney problem, we know.” I swear he uses that as an excuse every day. When born, Liam died and he then was brought back to life. While doing test, doctors realized that only one of his kidneys were functioning properly. This means that Liam cannot drink too much, i.e. meaning alcohol and water. I believed that until one day, I googled it, and Liam can infact drink. 

     "Ah ah ah ah ah Louis researched and you can! you choose not to." Harry leaned over me and flicked Liam on the nose.

     Just a wee bit later,  Grease is long over, and Zayn is still upstairs. Suddenly, an idea of how to get him to come downstairs pops into my head. I jump up and insert Scarface into the DVD player. Harrys looks at me, trying to figure out what I am doing. I look at him and whisper,  “Wait a second.”

     I press play and turn the TV all the way up. Once I press play and the movie starts, I heard Zayn throw open his door and run downstairs. He jumps on the couch, and looks at me. “Well played Lou. Well played.” He says, grinning. “Well it worked didn’t it?” I smile and cuddle up with Harry. I love moments like these, relaxing, watching movies with my best mates. In case you were wondering, Zayn’s favorite movie is Scarface and he wouldn’t miss watching it, not once, even for his precious mirrors.  


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