Meant to Be

Hello loves, my name is Louis Tomlinson and I am 1/5 of One Direction.

Can I ask you a quick question? When it comes to love, the steps are becoming a couple.. then falling in love then marriage? O well. I was never one for following the right order of things. Although this would of been easier to do it the old fashioned way.


2. Questions

   Saturday Morning 

  Waking up I find my back sore. Meaning I fell asleep on the red coach. Zayn doesn't even care that the couch wasn't comfortable. He just liked it because it fit his style. I stretch and then try to stand up. Immediately i am pulled back down. I turn my head slightly and see the curls sticking out in all directions. Harry of course. He groans, burying his face into my shoulder. He slides closer to me and I feel something hard poke my bum. I don't even give it time to register, i move his arms from around me, and jump up all while yelling. This startles Harry, as it would anyone really and he sits up quick. "WHAT Why are you screaming?” he inquires while rubbing his eyes. 

     I try to tell him, but can’t help to stutter. “Your…your…Har--…you poked me with your…!” I point to his crotch. I think he might have actually understood what I just said because he looks down, his eyes widen and he covers his morning erection with a pillow. Who needs coffee on a morning like this? Not me, that’s for sure. I am wide fucking awake. “What in bloody hell were you dreaming about?” This is the first time that Harry has ever gotten a boner while sleeping with me. At least the only one I remember?

     Harry adjusts himself on the couch and says “I don't remember, um... I’ll make it up to you Lou... Let me make you breakfast? "He sits up and wanders over to where I am. He grabs my neck and pulls my head towards him. He kisses my forehead and then lets me go and struts to the kitchen.  I guess today is a first for many things. Now we have given each other brotherly kisses .. on the cheek, sometimes on the mouth, for the fans. There is just something about getting kissed on the forehead that makes me shiver. Its nothing Louis, your over thinking as usual.

     “Now let’s hope that you are not forever scarred by this experience.” He chuckles from the stove. Once he starts cooking, the whole house smells delicious. Niall runs downstairs and is smiling from ear to ear, Liam is right behind him. Once again, Zayn is not in sight. Now, we aren't morning people unless Harry's making breakfast. Now THAT changes everything. We try to do the right thing, we wait five minutes for Zayn. Does he show? No he does not. So we dig in.

     I usually don't make sexual noises when eating, except for when Harry cooks, you can’t NOT moan. Anyways, so I guess I am making more noise than I meant to because I look up and Harry is looking straight at me. He looks at Liam and tells him “Louis made that same face exact face in bed last night,” he then looks back at me, “isn't that right Louuuuubear?” His dimples are in full view now. Those cute dimples, they can make anyone swoon. Wait. Louis. Get back on track.

       "We slept on the couch harry... and I actually think that my face was quite the opposite Harry, if you don't recall?” I raised an eyebrow. He gives me a look that says “yeah right” walking over towards me, he pinches my bum.

     “HARRY! What was that for?” I slap his hand away because he tries to get a second pinch in. He runs across the kitchen and puts on an innocent face. “Oh...I dunno. I felt like it?”

     Rolling my eyes, I can't help but to think back at what happened this morning. I mean... I've seen him naked before, but his...manhood never poked me, especially while we were sleeping together. Do you think he knows WHO he was pressed up against? Me? Were those his intentions to do that? Does Harry dream about me? Wait....I am so not asking myself the right questions. I've only gotten a stiffy when thinking about someone I fancy. Does Harry fancy me ....?

   I glance at him, taking him all in, from head to toe. I start at his curly hair. There are days I wonder if he's going to wake up and one day his curls will be gone. My eyes travel to his eyes. Their a beautiful green. They change from green to blue. I don't know if it has to do with his moods but I often find myself looking at him, and his eyes will be a light blue. Almost like the skies when the rain has let up. Next his lips... his smile takes up his entire face. Those plush pink lips.. that I imagine myself kissing for just a moment... 

       *Pop* the toaster goes. I jerk back into reality, mentally kicking myself twice.  Stop Louis right now. He is your best mate and you never had these thoughts before so just stop it. Besides, since when do you fancy boys?

   I attempt to get my mind off him, so I go and sit by Liam who is writing notes or something. Glancing at his paper, I see all the writing; he is taking A LOT of notes. “What do you have there?” I try to ask casually.

     “The list of things we are going to …...” He doesn't get to finish, because the paper was snatched out of his hands, we both glanced up to see Harry.

     “Oh no you *rips* don’t! This is my *rips* vacation Liam. I will not *rips* let you plan everything.” He takes all the little tiny pieces of paper and throws them in the trashcan. Liam gets up and tries to protest, but once again Harry interrupts him. “Liam, sit. This is fourteen days of having carefree, NOT planned fun. This means NO lists, NO schedules, NO Daddy Direction. Do you understand me?” Harry pats Liam's head. He looks at me and smiles, then runs to the living room and flings himself on the couch. My eyes followed his every move. 


     *Harrys POV*  (((Point of View)))

      After flinging myself on the sofa for no reason, I flip over and get more comfortable. Propping my hands behind my head, I gaze into the kitchen to see Lou talking to himself, what’s that about? Niall is just sitting there; eating his pancakes, that boy can out eat anyone. In public, its hard to keep his hands off your plate. I know in interviews he always plays it off, and says its me, who cant stop plate hopping, but its him and he knows it. We all know it. 

         My eyes suddenly find themselves on Lou again. His eyes look stressed. This definitely means that he is over thinking something. I wonder what is going through that brain of his. It’s almost as if he read my mind because he looked over at me and we locked eyes. Which has never been an awkward thing. Were very close and never read too much into these moments, but this time, right now, Louis is looking at me differently. I shrug it off.

    “Like something you see Haz?” He laughs, while wiggling his eyebrows. Is he just messing around or what? Flirting to get back at me for the incident this morning? Well, two can play that game. It’s really easy to flirt with Louis, it comes naturally. “I’d like it better, if you were over here, lying with me boo.” I scoot over and pat the couch cushion next to me. Louis puts his plate in the sink and walks over. I watch him as he walks over, bright blue pants that fit him perfectly. He’s got on a black shirt, and it looks really good. He doesn’t usually wear dark colors. He is more of a bright color type of person. He sits down, but I push him down that way we are both laying down, not to mention, cuddling.

    We just sit there cuddling for a good quarter of an hour.

     Niall looks up and notices that Louis left the kitchen. He glanced at us and he smiles. “You know Lads; sometimes I wish Larry was real. You two would make a beautiful couple.” Chuckling, he walks out fast, mumbling something about Zayn.

   Now that we are officially alone, I look down at him. He is thinking again, which isn’t good. What could be so important that he has to stress out about it? “What are you thinking about? You know you can tell me anything right?” I am sure my voice cracked on the last sentence because he looks up at me I can’t help but notice how beautiful his eyes are. They are so blue and bright too. You can spot them a state away. “Can I try something Harry? I need to know one thing, and by doing this, I will get my answer.”

 Try something? What is this boy talking about? “Sure, go ahead” I tilt my head questionably. I notice that right away he is moving closer to me. I should of pushed him away but a part of me didn't want to.


           *Back to Louis POV*

     “Sure, go ahead.” Harry says.

     This is my moment. I start to lean in closer and closer, until our lips are touching. He gasps and I don’t know if it’s a good gasp or bad gasp. All I know is that his mouth is open, and I am taking advantage of that.

     I sit up quickly and straddle his lap, leaning down to reconnect our lips, that were apart for mere seconds. In reality, im not even thinking about the fact that  I, Louis Tomlinson am snogging Harry. It feels so normal and, he’s kissing me back. He has his hands on my hips now and mine are tangled somewhere in his curls.

     Harry is kissing me, his best mate. It was almost as if our lips were made for each other, they meshed very well together. I feel like we could do this forever, I know I have to stop soon though, or one of the lads will walk in on us. It took everything in me, to stop kissing him. I grab his shoulders and push him back.

     A low growl comes up from his throat, and he hungrily puts his hands around my neck and pulls me back towards him. His eyes are closed. I wish they were open so I could maybe see what he was thinking. Not that I know what people are thinking by that but Harry shows emotions through his eyes.

     His hands have moved  on to my bum now, and he’s rubbing. I can’t take this anymore; this is too much in one sitting. I pull back and he puts his hand on my side, laying me down. That isn’t what I meant to do. I pull him back up, “Harry…”

     His eyes open and their wide. Their a dark green now, and he looks confused. Abruptly he breaks eye contact, jumps off the sofa, past me and upstairs.

  *Harrys POV*

     I am lost in the world of snogging when Louis pushes me off him. “Harry…” he says. Now he is just looking at me. I stare at him for what seems like forever, with wide eyes. Without thinking about it, I jump up off him and run upstairs. There is only one person who can help with this.

   *Nialls POV*

     I am doing some last minute packing, when I hear my bedroom door slap open and then slammed shut immediately. I turn around to see a very frightened looking Harry. He sits on my bed and puts his head in his hands. He lays back, to where his legs are still touching my floor.

     “Louis kissed me.” He says into his hands. To anyone else, it would of sounded like "louseme." After being around Harry for so long, I know his accent well, and understood him perfectly. I was not at all shocked by this news. After all, the lads and I always suspected that Louis and Harry had something going on. Usually it is hard to get Harry to admit his feelings, but this time, it’s almost as if he’s an open book. “How does this make you feel Harry?” I ask him.

     He lets out another sigh. “I liked it Niall.”

     I KNEW IT! Smiling, I say to him “You do realize that is a good thing right Lad? It would be much worse if he kissed you and you didn’t like it.”

    Harry sits up frantically, “Ohm gosh! Niall, I just got up and ran straight to your room. Just think of how Louis might feel. I feel terrible now.”

     He starts to get up and go back out my room, but I stop him, putting my hand on my door. “What are you going to do Harry? What is your brilliant plan? Do you even know what to say to him?” He backs away from the door, sighs and says “I don’t have one.”

     “You can’t just run back down there. You have to find out how you feel yourself. Do you fancy Louis at all?” I ask genuinely. Harry looks at me like I have three heads. “What? Fancy Louis…? I don’t even know Nialler. I didn’t even think about kissing him until he kissed me.”

     I take his chin and make it to where he is looking at me. “Harry, whether you like it or not, things are about to change. You and Louis are the only ones who can decide which it will be mate. Good or bad.” Harry is quiet. I can understand why though, this must be a very confusing time for him.

     "I would try to find out WHY he kissed you in the first place, like what brought it on."

     “Everything is so confusing.” He says which is exactly what I had expected he would say. It’s almost like we are on the same wavelength. He continues on, “I’ve never even thought of Louis this way. I never even thought of us being more than friends, but now… I mean sure…there have been a couple moments…but that was all fun and games, wasn’t it?”

     Now is my chance to tell him what I think. “Well…Actually Harry, the lads and I always thought that something more was going on with the whole Larry bromance. You two just never realized it, maybe this is you two finally seeing what you have?” Now it is all out in open. I honestly think that Harry fancies Louis. “After all it’s quite simple. You either liked kissing him, or you didn’t.” I add. I get up, and go open my bedroom door. I can tell by the smile on his face, that he liked it. “I think you know what you need to do.” He gives me a hug before leaving, thanking me. Its days like these that I feel like a real life Cupid.


 *Louis POV again* (I'm sorry I switched it up a bit in this chapter. Its usually going to be just Louis. :)


   Kissing Harry was a mistake, right? His face, right before he went upstairs, I will never forget that look. Did he like it? Does he like me? Did I like It? That one is easy to answer. I didn't like it, I loved it.

     Kissing Harry like that is..was.. indescribable. I know we've kissed before, those were just pecks though. A quick kiss at a concert to make the fans go crazy.  This was so much more; it was snogging, touching and tongue. You don’t use tongue unless you like a person right? I need to find out how he feels. I know this is all sudden and all but you don’t continue to kiss someone unless you are enjoying it right? That must mean he liked it somewhat.

     Oh lord! We have a long plane ride tomorrow...  How awkward would that be if he didn't feel the way I do?

     I need to focus on the positive. Thinking back to the kiss, remembering how soft his lips were. How hungry his mouth was to get mine, Smiling like a idiot, I realized this answered my question that i had earlier. 

     I hear a loud boom, it’s my door smacking against the wall. It was Harry. “Lou?” He looks in frantically. I stand up and give a little wave, he walks over to me. “I went back downstairs to talk to you, but Zayn said you came up here.Why did you…kiss me Louis?” his eyes are questioning me.

I respond, “Harry I’m sorry…” I go to add for kissing you but he interrupts. “Sorry? Why in bloody hell are you apologizing?” Now he sounds a bit sad. I am now very confused, this causes my eyebrows to scrunch up. “I thought you ran away because I scared you with the kiss. Why did you leave? right after?”

     He runs a hand through his curls and licks his lips. I wish he wouldn't do that, it kind of turns me on. I feel a blush creeping onto my cheeks. I did not just think that, but I did, didn't I? I guess I do fancy him. I shake my head, like it’s going to help the redness go away.

     “I needed time to myself Lou.” He sits on my bed. “Even though I wasn't expecting that kiss, I am glad to say that you did. It opened my eyes to what, I have no clue. I’m confused Lou, does this make me gay for wanting to kiss you?”

     He wants to kiss me? My heart starts pounding real loudly, I’m pretty sure that Harry can hear it. He liked kissing me. This must mean that the feelings are mutual, and we fancied each other. I definitely don’t want to rush things though. “Harry, we need to take some time to see what this is, maybe it is just physical?” He cocks his head to the side. “You mean like, we just enjoy snogging each other?” I snap my fingers. “Exactly, I mean do you fancy me or the kiss?” I ask him, adding quickly “honestly Harry.”

     He stands up and starts pacing. “I talked to Niall about it and he told me that he and the mates thought we had something going on this whole time.” ---------- “YOU TOLD NIALL?!” I stammered. His head whips around, “Was I not supposed to? "I sigh again, and try to sound a bit nicer. “No, it’s okay.. Do you want to take this slow and see where it goes?”

     Harry goes and shuts my door. Then he walks over to me. He pushes me onto my bed and leans over top of me. “Why take it slow? Let’s enjoy each other company, while we can. .. um can I kiss you? Just to see if we still like it ya know?”

    I smile, without answering i grab his shirt. I pull him towards me. Giving him a small peck then pulling away, I then grab the bottom his shirt and tug it over his head. He has such a nice chest, i mean ive always known this just never appreciated it. 

     I flip him over and start kissing his neck; I keep going down, kissing his chest, then below his belly button. “Slow down there tiger.” Harry says, pulling me back up to his lips. I smile against the kiss.

     “I could get used to this Harry.” He stops kissing me for a second, and props himself up on his elbows. “Who would have thought that we would ever be in this position? Snogging each other and enjoying it?”

     Well, it looks like we are onto talking again. I lay down next to him. My head is on his chest, and my hand is thrown over his abdomen. He is tracing circles on my shoulder. Which is naked compared to his. Not meaning clothes wise. His left shoulder Is covered in tattoos, whereas I haven't got there yet.

     “What does this mean for us?” He gulped. I look up into his eyes that were already looking down at mine. I wish I knew what to say. I wish I had an answer, but I don't. So I just shrug and give him a small smile. "Could you imagine if everyone kissed their best mate and it was like that?" 

       "The entire world would be full with snogging people." he jokes

       "I never once thought that I would kiss a boy and like it."  He kisses my forehead, and after I don't say anything he adds “Are we back to taking this slow?” chuckling. I start laughing nervously and he pulls me on top of him. My head is now resting right where his heart is. I can hear it beating. It doesn't seem to be going crazy as mine is. How can Harry be so calm about this?

        "You want to know something? As much as we sleep together.. even naked sometimes, its never felt like this before."

     "Like butterflies. yeah?"

         "You're nervous? But your breathing is so calm?" I move my hand and set my chin on it so I am back to looking at him. I have always liked watching Harry talk.  

       "Just because my heart isn't going a million miles a minute as yours is, does not mean anything" he chuckles. Running both hands through his hair then sighing and covering his face. "I don't know what to think."

      "Harry what were you dreaming about earlier?"

         "Ive honestly got no idea. Sorry about that situation by the way... talk about awkward" he chimed. 

     "Lets not dwell on it. On the bright side, we know Niall kinda sorta wanted this to happen. Which was very sudden don't you think?"

     "I wonder what made him say that... We will have to ask him sometime."

        "We might not like the answer" "What do you mean by that?"

     "Well think about it, what if its one of those things where he was just goofing off and joking around and we took it seriously and next thing you know were out of the band?!" I whined.  

      "Louis, none of the boys are homophobic okay. We all support LGBT Equality. I wouldn't tell them about us until were sure what we want to do though. Like... what if this does not work out and they get all used to us being all lovey? I wouldn't want that strain on the band."  

     "I think this is the beginning of something amazing. I can already feel it."

    Even though this changes everything. Once again, I have to block out all the bad things, I start thinking back to what just happened between us, I fall asleep smiling. 

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