Meant to Be

Hello loves, my name is Louis Tomlinson and I am 1/5 of One Direction.

Can I ask you a quick question? When it comes to love, the steps are becoming a couple.. then falling in love then marriage? O well. I was never one for following the right order of things. Although this would of been easier to do it the old fashioned way.


3. Its A Larry Thing

Sunday Morning

       Our flight wasn't as early as we thought. It was 8 am, which means we should land in L.V a bit before midnight. Liam called our Mgmt. and complained this meant we only had 13 days of vacation, so we got an extra day because the plane ride takes up an entire evening. 

We are on the plane now, having been for about two hours now. We still have about eight hours to go. Harry and I have yet to decide if the attraction between us is physical or more than that. I mean this isn't just something you can decide over night. It would be just my luck that he just wanted a good snog. On the flip side, we  are going to try and keep it on the down low. The boys don't need to know for a while, right? This is also why I chose to sit by Liam for the plane ride and not Harry. I also made sure that we were on opposite sides, so we did not have to look at each other. It was a good plan. 

     This sparked curiosity in the lads though, because Harry and I always sit next to each other. Whether it was a plane, train or even a car. I suppose they just chalked it off because they didn't ask any questions, could of assumed we were angry at each other. For now, i am going to take a nap.


            "Harry, these ropes are tight." I wiggle my hands, then stop immediately in fear of rope burn. "Can you take this blind fold off?"  "Will you enjoy my surprise and be quiet for a moment?" he commanded. "This better be good." I hear the floor creak just a bit, and then hes in front of me. I can tell, even with the blind fold. I move my lips forward, anticipating a kiss, but he pushes my shoulders back. "No No .... just wait a moment. I need to fix you." "Fix me?" I pondered. "RRRRRIIIIPPPP" My shirt falls off my body. "You didn't have to ruin a perfectly good shirt." Next i feel his hands at my waist. He undoes my belt, sliding it out loop by loop, having to put his arms around my body to get the one in the back. "brrrrp" and down goes my zipper. He struggles to get my pants off, which i can understand, i am sitting down on them after all. "I can get up if you'd like." "Please shut up."

            Now hes gone. I can hear him in the far left corner of the room. I didn't even hear him come back, i felt him. He cut my boxers off, Then i feel cold on my chest. "What is ----" before i can finish, he is licking it off of my chest. "Do you wanna watch?" I hear him swallow whatever was on me. "Yes" He opens my thighs and gets between them, raising his hands he leans into me and his hands go for the back of my head, he unties the blindfold. Letting it fall away. My eyes readjust to a naked Harry. I look down and can see it was chocolate syrup he had put on me. "Wouldn't you like some more? Id squeeze it on myself, but i am tied up as you can see." I smirked. " I like you being helpless." He tilts his head back and squirts some of the syrup on his mouth, he doesn't swallow it, instead he grabs the back of my head and since my mouth was already open in surprise, it made it easier for his tongue to coat the chocolate all around my mouth. I move my tongue around his, getting the taste of it and him.  I don't really have much control here, my hands would probably be in his hair, but right now their behind my back. I move closer, trying to gain dominance, it doesn't work, he lets me go and licks the side of my face and then sits back. He looks at me and turns his head then moves again. Hes on the heels of his feet, in between my thighs in just seconds. He takes the syrup and holds it above my thighs, he squeezes and it goes everywhere. My thighs, my biggie and the inside of my thighs. He cleans those up first. He spreads my legs eagle, and starts at the inside of my knee. licking up every drop of syrup. Making sure to suck and leave love bites on almost ever inch, and also, getting the syrup all over his face. "Come here" I laugh. He moves his face closer, and i take my tongue and lick it off his cheek. He gives me a peck and goes back down south. my dick is throbbing right in front of him. "Please stop being a tease and just fuck me." "Now now, is that anyway to talk to your boyfriend who may or may night suck you off?" He laughs, takes the base of my dick, sliding his hand up to the top and shifts it towards my stomach. He gets closer, hes on his knees again and he starts licking. Almost every nerve in my body shivers everytime his warm tongue touches me. He then takes my entire length in his mouth, pulls out till just the tip is on his tongue. Licking all around it, while im squirming. He had ordered me to not say a word or he would stop. I was biting my tongue. Wanting to call out his name but afraid he would leave me hanging here. He makes sure all the chocolate is off before asking "May i ride you?" 'Do you even have to ask?" He rubs my dick down in the lubricant and places himself on my lap. Were chest to chest. Hes using his right hand to hold onto me and his left to align my dick with his arshole. Once aligned, he puts his left hand around me, turning his head to the right, he kisses me, slowly, at the same time, he is sliding down onto my length. Once its all in, he picks his ass up and slams it back down, "Harry omf----"



               I wake up with a gasp. Looking down i see my pants are very very tight. Oh my, why would i dream about that. Oh no. Don’t do this to me now. I quickly cover myself up with my cover. I look over at Liam to see if he noticed, nope. He is sleeping soundly. Thank you lord, I did not want to have to explain that to anyone.

     Anyways, I need to take care of this problem. I get up and try to walk towards the bathroom. A hand stops me; I pull my legs close together and look down. It’s Harry, with a smile on his face. “What are you doing, Boo?” I glance down at my problem and his eyes follow mine. He sees my bulge and smiles even bigger. “Well…what made that guy decide to come out and party?” He chuckles.

     I roll my eyes, and cross my legs together. “I am a big boy Harry. I can take care of myself.” I attempt to go to the loo again, but look back at Harry. I glance around and notice everyone but us is sleeping. Taking a chance, I walk back towards him, yank him up and push him into the bathroom with me.

     Now it is just us two, smooshed together in this tiny little bathroom. The toilet and the sink are practically one, they are so close together. Looking back at him, he wastes no time. Putting his hand behind my head, he plants kisses all along my neck, then slowly makes his way to my chin. “Harry! Stop doddling and kiss me you fool.” I take his face into my hands and kiss him. Coming up for air, i say "I dreamt about us, us having sex Harry." "What did we do in this dream?"

     "Well you had me tied up, and there was chocolate."


   "Yes, you poured it on me then licked it off and you rode me but i woke up." I say really fast.

    "Well, im all out of chocolate." He backs me up more into the sink.  This is very uncomfortable. The toilets in here are literally only inches wide. Harry and I are so close that its taking all the fun out of kissing. We have no room to do anything! Almost as if he could read my mind, He puts his palms under my bum and lifts me up onto the sink. Why didn’t I think of this earlier? This makes everything so much easier. 

     He starts to gyrate against my pants which my dick is trying to break through it feels like.

     It seems like we have been kissing for at least a half hour. I am almost certain that my lips are swollen by now. I gasp for air, and moan his name loudly. "Harry..."

      He seems so experienced in this. He has yet to moan my name. Surely im doing something wrong. I am not even sure what to do with my hands. If Harry were a girl, id probably be in his bra by now. But he isn't..

     Harry chuckles, pulling me out my thoughts. "Boo, don't be afraid to touch me, im not made of glass." He takes my hands and puts them under his shirt. His chest. Its soft, but hard, a perfect combination of the two. I run my hands down his abs and he moans softly into my mouth. There it is. I cant help but grin.

     I quickly, realize that we aren’t alone, I swore I just heard something outside the door. We are on a plane, and our mates are just ten feet away! We need to be quieter.

     “Harry, what if the mates find us in here?” He doesn’t seem to care. He ignores my question. His hands are still exploring all over me. “Why are you ruining the moment?” He says dramatically. 

     I push him back, looking at him sternly, “I am not trying to ruin anything, what if Liam walks in here?” He squints his eyes, “What do you mean if Liam walks in here? Do you like him? Is that why we are keeping this on the "low", so your little Liam doesn't know about us? "He lets go of me, and storms out of the bathroom. I try to follow behind him, but have to adjust my pants and shirt.

     Running out of the bathroom, I yell “You are overreacting Harry, I don’t like him, I like you!” I say this not realizing that all the boys are awake now. Zayn and Liam’s eyes go big.

     Harry turns around slowly. His eyes settling on me. He then looks at Niall, who shrugs. Niall then looks at me and says in a cheery voice "Might as well talk out here with everyone else Lads."

     “Are you two dating?” Zayn asks us. I honestly don’t know how to begin to answer this question, but Harry does. “No we aren’t.” He says.

     Liam looks uncomfortable already, even though the conversation just started. He is squirming in his seat.  “So…you two were doing exactly what in the bathroom?” Well, since Harry was so quick to answer, I figure its my turn. “We were snogging.” Harry drops his head into his hands. My jaw drops and instantly, I am shocked. “Well, Harry, it is the truth.”

     Zayn speaks up again “Uh, how long have you two been snogging?”

     I didn’t imagine the talk with the boys going like this. I actually didn’t even plan on telling them about Harry and me until we were ready to tell Management. That is IF Harry wanted to actually date and not just fool around with each other. “Since last night...” I tell them. Might as well be honest, eh?

     “So let me get this straight,” Liam leans forward, “you two are only snogging, and not dating? Why not date?” Harry looks at me, his head leaning to the side. “It is not that easy Liam, I don’t even know if I am ready to date a boy, let alone Louis.” I swear my jaw just hit the floor. “What the hell is that supposed to mean Harry?” I hiss.

     I go and sit down in a seat. Across from all the boys, I slouch down and look out the window. “Why did you storm out from the bathroom Harry?” Niall ponders. I sit up and look at Liam. “He thought I was worried you might walk in because I fancy you, well I don’t really fancy you, but he took what I said the wrong way.”

    “So Harry got jealous?” Zayn says with a smirk on his face. I know that this must be news to them. Harry doesn’t get jealous easily. I look at him and its written all over his face. He was/ is jealous. I can’t believe it!

    “Haz, there is nothing to be jealous about.” I walk over to him and take his hand in mine. He lets his fingers slip through mine. Once again, something that molds together perfectly. First out lips, now our hands, am I reading too much into this...?

    Liam stands up and comes over to where Harry and I are. “I just want to let you know that there is nothing to be jealous over. I love Louis, but only as a best friend. You two have my blessing if you wish to take things further.”

     I get up and hug him. “Thank you so much Liam. You have no idea what this means to me.” Liam backs away and Niall says “What he said.” This makes everyone laugh. I look at Zayn, who is looking out the window now. “Zayn… are you okay with all this? I know it is a lot to take in.” I say. He looks at us and smiles, “Yeah. I am happy for you mates, but what about management?”

     I look at Harry and wonder what everyone will think if we come out as a couple. Before I can ask what he thinks, he starts talking. “I think the proper thing for us to do is keep this a secret, only between the five of us. That means no PDA, and no talk of Louis and me together in public. We still need to see where we stand Louis. Are we gay or bisexual or what?”

     Niall butts in, “Lads, just because you like each other doesn’t mean you are gay. Liking ONE boy doesn’t change your sexuality. I mean, if you felt an attraction to other guys then maybe. I do think that this is strictly a Harry, Louis thing.”

     I am nodding to what he is saying. It makes sense. I have never felt an attraction to a guy before Harry, yesterday. “Alright, this, us, whatever we are, stays a secret until we can further investigate.”

     "So snogging a boy, what's it like?" Liam asks. 

 "Ermm .. its like kissing on a whole nother level. Boys are a bit rougher with their kisses, and they don't have boobs so your pretty much grabbing their bum and - "  

  Harry stops talking because he sees all of us looking at him with our mouths open. "What? He asked!"

        Niall starts singing in his seat "Harry and Louis sitting in a tree..........."  

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