Meant to Be

Hello loves, my name is Louis Tomlinson and I am 1/5 of One Direction.

Can I ask you a quick question? When it comes to love, the steps are becoming a couple.. then falling in love then marriage? O well. I was never one for following the right order of things. Although this would of been easier to do it the old fashioned way.


4. Fancy

                                                                                                      Monday Morning


       Once the plane has landed, security comes in and gets our things together. Exiting the plane, I look around. Getting a feel for the surroundings. My looking around quickly halted when i  noticed one of the guards looking at me. I pick up my hand to wave and notice its locked with Harry's  Oh. I forgot that we were even holding hands. Last I remembered, was when all the boys had said that they were okay with whatever we were, I grabbed Harry's hand. Its weird to think that neither of us let go. I'm also surprised that the entire lot, our group was okay with everything. They barely batted an eyelash at the thought of Harry and I kissing. I wonder if it will go further than this.  If we wished to that is. I know i want to.  Even though i am not completely one hundred percent sure of what this is...

    I just want a proper relationship for once in my life. 

     I feel Harry squeeze my hand, its almost like he can tell that I'm fretting over something. He always did. Even before. He always said he could tell my mood in my eyes. I don't know how he does it. Sometimes i swear its like he can read my mind, which would be terrible. Considering all the sexual thoughts i was thinking about on that plane. Some of the things i was thinking...... I am pretty sure aren't even legal in the United States. 

     I am getting lost in my thoughts, again. I need to stop that. Too much thinking isn't always a good thing. I let go of Harry's hand and a chill runs through my body. It was almost like he was my body heat. I look over to him, he is looking at my hand, which is now dangling awkwardly alone at my side. He looks a bit disappointed that I let go but the frown disappears quickly, and is replaced with a worried look once I point out the guard whose just thirty feet away looking at us.  Looking over to me he mouths "later," with one his smiles. 

     Why is he so perfect ? His smile is mesmerizing and contagious, no doubt. He has me grinning like a fool within seconds. I cant help it though. This goofy grin is not even close to leaving my face. This is like those times you've got a huge crush and your crush is talking to you. You smile like an idiot and everyone around you sees it and knows you look like a fool, but you don't care.

     Thankfully, we didn't notify anyone, except our security that met us there, that we, One Direction would be coming to Las Vegas, so the Airport wasn't that crowded. We actually got out pretty quick. This time, Zayn didn't even lose his bags! It was a miracle. One problem though, I called a taxi, but couldn't let him know where we were going because i didn't know.

     "Sir? Where would you like me to take you today" The taxi driver asks again. I shrug at him and look at Liam..."Uhm, where are we staying Liam?" He snaps his fingers and mumbles to himself. Something that sounded a lot like "" I am pretty sure that all that translates to " i forgot to call and ask that."

   "In all this excitement we forgot to find out where they were putting us up at." Zayn elbowed Niall. "It was a sudden trip tho lads. Makes sense that we didn't have all the details." He elbows him back. "We could just sleep outside, yeah?" Harry asks. "You're not serious are you? We don't even have a tent you fool." I poke his arm. He pretends to be hurt and falls onto my luggage.  "There is no way that i am sleeping outside." Zayn crosses his arms. "Afraid you'll mess up your three hour morning routine?" Niall pokes fun at him. Harry tried to pull me down to him but quickly changed his mind when he saw our cab driver and Liam walking back towards us. "Got it!" he chuckles. 

     He apologizes to our cab driver, Kevin and as luck would be on our side again, Management arranged for us to stay at a house. I repeat A HOUSE. Not a hotel, not a little apartment, but a real house, with more than two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a laundry room, and closets! Its been so long since we stayed in a place that even resembled a home, it will be nice to finally sleep in a real bed. 

     I am loving this vacation already! 

     We quickly put our things into Kevin's taxi-van and are on our way to what will be our house for the next fourteen days. There was supposed to be a car waiting for us once we got there, but it was delayed for some reason and will probably be at the house in a couple days.

     Once on our way to the place in which we shall call home for the next two weeks,  Everyone is pretty quiet, i want to say something, anything but don't know what. I know what! I can play that thumb-war game with Niall, he loves it. "Nia-" before i can even finish his name, i see that he is sleeping. Wonderful. Liam's eyes are glued to his phone, which probably means hes on twitter. Everyone says that Niall is addicted to his phone, but its actually Liam. He is forever going through his mentions and not replying, so people wont know that hes online. He likes it that way.  Zayn sleeping also. This leaves one person.

     Harry. I smile. Even just thinking his name makes my toes curl. I love this feeling. Im almost scared it wont always feel like this. After all this is the honey moon stage really... we just found out we may or may not fancy each other and we have to keep it on the down low which makes it all the much more exciting. Just days ago, he was my best friend, who i met on the x factor and that was it. There were no doubts about our sexuality, because we never thought anything more than being friends. We never knew that kissing each other would stir about feelings. It was a thought that had never occurred to me. If Niall hadn't said something about us, i doubt this would of never happened. I wouldn't be fretting over his eyes, or his smile, or the way he likes to bite while kissing.

      Now back to the situation at hand. I'm dying at boredom but Harry doesn't really like the thumb war game but ill give it a try, I reach over to poke his thigh, which is against mine, but stop myself. His eyes are practically glued to the window. I think i see a little bit of drool actually. I suppose he wasn't lying when he said he has always wanted to come here. What if he decides that he would rather sleep with a show girl... or that he just wants to be friends? What if in the end, this entire thing, was a phase... and my feelings grow deeper while his fade? Ill have to watch him kiss someone that isn't me. Possibly even fall in love and marry... I need to get these thoughts out of my mind before i cry. What an emotional mess i am. Thank you Styles for this. He still hasn't noticed that I've been watching him. I know i shouldn't want to, but i just wanna hold him... right now. I lean in towards him and lay my head on his shoulder. My hand snaking around his waist. This got his attention. He breaks his trance from the window to look down at me. Smiling, he runs a hand through my hair. 

     "You're a great friend Boo." Well.......that is so not what i wanted to hear. I do not want my fears to come true. For the first time in my life, i am not going to read through the lines. I fall asleep on him not thinking about what he just said, but thinking about how great he smells. 

      The house that we are supposed to be staying at isnt in the busy parts of Las Vegas. It is a good half hour away, well...atleast twenty minutes at minimum. Which is perfect for me. I prefer not to be in the busy part. I like the peace and quiet, you know? 

     Harry and Niall are quite disappointed thought. When Harry found out that we weren't staying in the city. He had a frown on his face the entire time, it was so adorable. I laughed and he stuck out his bottom lip, giving me a puppy dog look. 

     Pretty soon, Kevin pulls into our driveway, Liam pays him and we quickly get out. I don't think he knew who we were. Anyways, we start to unpack and get into the house quickly. After all, there is a chance that someone could see us. 

     The outside of the house is all bricks. I adore brick houses. I always wanted one growing up, they just look so...bricky. I don't know how to describe it.  There is a humongous porch on the front, and one on the second floor to match. I suppose you Americans call that a balcony, i think? Its too bad that we wont be able to come out on the porch, well... we could in the dark i think. There's less of a chance of fans to find us if it Isn't daylight out. 

     Don't get me wrong, i love my fans dearly. Its just we work all the time you know? We don't get many random vacations. I want to enjoy this vacation, every second of it that is!

     I cross the threshold and see that the living room is huge, and there's a fireplace! I am in love already. Placing my bags on the couch, i see Liam and Harry doing the same. Something runs past me, i quickly glance in the direction it went and saw a blonde head. Niall.   He opens a door, which i am pretty sure is the kitchen. I look around the living room and see that it is bigger than it thought. It connects to the dining room, so you can watch the telly and eat. Niall should be excited to know that. 

     "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Niall screams. I start to laugh. There's only reason for him to yell like that. They must of stocked the fridge. I walk into the kitchen to see him jumping up and down. 

     "LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!!" he screams, "They stocked the fridge AND the cabinets!! Im starving!" he puts an emphasis on 'and'. He opens up a box of cookies and starts eating them. Well...I'm sure the fridge will be empty by morning. That's Niall for you, BUT we haven't ate since we got on the plane so ill let him slide. Twelve hours is a long time to go without eating, for anyone.

     I can sympathize with him because usually, we just stay in a hotel, where room service is pretty much all we get.  Niall hates room service, because apparently, there's a 'limited amount of times' that you can order. He definitely went over that limit, about four times. 

     I snag a couple cookies and wander around the house. First, i go upstairs. I notice there are five doors. This must be where all the room are. I open the first door on the left, its a pretty nice room. Wandering off to the next room, i open it and see its the loo. What? That must mean..

     There are only four bedrooms. I quickly go through the other three doors and see those are bedrooms. The one in the middle, has a big nightstand and the top of it is one giant mirror. That will definitely be Zayn's room. I jog back downstairs and go straight to Liam who is on the couch. He looks up at me and says, "Yes?" I give him a stern look,  "There are only four bedrooms Liam." He smirks and responds slowly, "and.......?”

     I sigh. “In case you haven’t noticed, there are five of us.” He looks at me weirdly. “What is the point of having five rooms when you and Harry always sleep together? That is" he pauses for a beat, "unless you don’t want to share a bed with him anymore?” He says this in a funny voice. It’s different now that we are more than friends, but i don't want to be the type of person that makes the friendship all awkward just because you snogged a couple of times.   I face-palm myself and say "I don't know what i was thinking Liam."  So I get my bags off the couch and jog back upstairs. I go to room number one, which is the first one. Hence the name "Room Number One."

     I haven't even unzipped it when i hear Harry say "Lou, I'm down the hall" In my doorway. "What are you doing over here?"  Something inside of me tells me that he is already unpacked, so I grab my bags for the third time and take them down the hall. 

     Walking into the room, I can’t help but notice that this room has a bigger bed. Of course, that’s why he got it. Harry loves himself a huge bed. Hes also a cover hog. You could give him 6 blankets, and when you wake up, he will have stolen yours. 

     Thinking about the room. im thinking.... Well...odd. Why is the master bedroom upstairs? It makes no sense. I take a glimpse around and notice that there seems to be a closet in here or something. I open the door, and see a bathroom, complete with a shower. Wow. I got lucky that Harry chose this room. 

     "There is a shower in the loo! In our bedroom, how cool is that?!" I squeal in excitement. My bedroom at home was nothing compared to this. Well the one at my Moms old place. I have plenty of sisters and there was one bathroom in the house. It will be nice to have my own for a bit.

     Leaving the bathroom, which has a walk in shower and bathtub Jacuzzi, I see Harry putting  his empty suitcases under the bed, of course. I was right. How does that boy work so fast? I cant imagine, picking mine up one more time. I collapse onto the bed and sigh.

     “I am so knackered, can we take a nap?” He looks at me like I need to go to the loony bin.

     “We are in Las Vegas, and you want to SLEEP!?” his voice rises on the last word.

      "Yes! Sleep is needed, you know?" I roll over and sit up on my elbows.

     "Well i would like to go to the casinos."

    "You're too young. Don't you have to be 21?"

    "Well i would like to spend time with you doing something!" He huffs.

     "We can sleep together, in this bed, right now?" I pat the huge chunk of bed still available.

    "You're serious? You want to actually sleep? Instead of go somewhere with me?"

     "Why are you making this bigger than it is? We can do all this tomorrow. Once i have got some much needed rest." I plop my head down onto the pillow. Oh man is this pillow soft. 

   “I will never understand you Louis Tomlinson.” He walks out of the room shaking his head. I take this as a “yes, you may take a nap.” Smiling to myself, i fall asleep. 


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