Crossed Destiny

Everything can change in just a matter of days.
Some say it's destiny.
But what the boys didn't know was that their world will turn upside down after a visit to Paris.


3. The Friendly Text and the True Friend

Lea’s POV

          I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, got a headache, and for some reasons; Zayn’s hug is still haunting my thoughts. I can’t help but think of the protection and comfort inside of his arms; I think I like him. Well, I think; considering the fact I met him a day ago; I barely know him. I woke up earlier than usual, I checked my phone and there two messages from.., an unknown number.

“Hey, good morning beautiful! ;)”

          I smiled, this is probably the nicest text message I got from a long time. I admit that I’m a sucker for these kinds of text messages; I opened the next text message from the same unknown number:

“It’s Louis, remember me?”

          What the hell? How does he know my number? This is totally creeping me out; I don’t care if he’s famous, it’s weird. Or what if he isn’t Louis Tomlinson from One Direction but a weird creeper from school? I have to find out:

“Good morning to you! So, how did you find out my number? And how would I know that you’re the real Louis Tomlinson? :$”

          I texted back, I was hoping to get a quick reply; so that I wouldn’t overthink about the text messages.  And a quick reply, I got:

“Well, how about we meet in front of your pizzeria? I know you have school, maybe I can take a morning stroll with you?”

          Crap, what the hell did I get into? What if this isn’t Louis? What if it’s a pedophile? Well, if the dude I’m texting is a pedophile I could easily run back to the pizzeria and call the public police. Oh well, here we go:

“Okay, meet me in front of the pizzeria at exactly 7:30 am.”


Harry’s POV

          He left our hotel room early, damn it, when I need to cuddle with someone; he’s away. Why does he have to be stubborn, he knows this will be a mess. I mean both of them; Zayn and Louis just met the girl and they’re head over heels with her. Just a week more, and I bet once we leave for our tour they will forget about Lea; I bet.

Louis’s POV

          I left the hotel with the normal casual straight-skinny jeans and Taylor shoes I borrowed from Harry. I put on my light-brown high-collared coat to protect my face from the chilly wind the river current is bringing to Paris. I was confused; I don’t know why I’m hitting on a girl Zayn likes. But I like her too, I like her enough to try and win her over. I placed my beanie on my head, hoping no one would recognize me. The streets were empty, only few people were up and some were in a coffee shop around the corner. I stopped and stared at a fountain in front of me; inside the fountain were coins, “a wishing well”, I whispered. I took a spare coin in my jean pockets and before I flicked the coin into the fountain, I saw her. Across the plaza was the pizzeria, in front of the pizzeria was the girl that made me like her in just one day; she caught my glance and started to walk over where I was standing.

Lea’s POV

          I saw Louis miles before he even saw me, I could tell he was reminiscing. A tourist admiring the shiftless, yet incredible aura of Paris was the way he was walking miles away from me. I was relieved that the ‘unknown number’ who texted me was Louis, not a pedophile creeping me out. He stopped right in the middle of the plaza, right in front of the ‘wishing fountain’ as I called when I first moved here in Paris. He stared at it for five minutes, and I can’t help but observe him as he gaze at the motionless waters of the fountain. Louis’s blue eyes shined against the yellow-orange sunrise, and his perfect smile showcasing the gladness inside of him; I stabbed myself with guilt. I felt sorry for stereotyping their band, I am sorry and I want to show them that. I walked up to him and before flicking his coin, he noticed me and smiled.

          “Good morning,” I laughed, “you know I’m not used on having boys walk with me.”

          He laughed contently, “Well, we’ll take it easy and slow. Let’s hope that you wouldn’t trip or slip. So are you ready mademoiselle?”

          “Oui, monsieur,” as I returned a polite bow back to him, “so, did you want anything? What do you want to talk about?” I looked back at him as I lead him to a secretive shortcut.

          “Uh, nothing; I just wanted to, you know, get to know each other,” he awkwardly answered.

          I grinned and sucked air into my teeth, “well, I’m probably a boring person, and judging by your current popularity level; you have met a lot of people who is probably more interesting than I am,” I exaggerated with a British accent.

          He laughed loudly and said, “Not bad for a non-British individual, do you take drama too?”

          “Yes, I certainly do. I took drama and arts, and a bit of music; I dropped music when I was in tenth year. I’ve always like the feeling when you get to express yourself, you know what I mean?” I creased my eyebrows hoping that he would understand a word I said.

          “Wow, I must say; I’m impressed. You are a talented young lady Ms. Grante,” Louis said as he bowed like the Prince of Duke. “I know what you mean; I wanted to be a drama teacher. I have always thought it would be so cool just hanging around with your students.”

          “So, is that what you think of us? I’m the student and you’re the teacher?” I raised my eyebrow and tried not to smile.

          “Hey! That’s a bit offensive! I know I’m twenty-one years old! But that is not old!” He came closer to me, forcing me to run, and “I mean you’re 18 turning 19, right?” I laughed back at him as he tried to stop me, “There are two years of gap, which is not big!” I stopped and laughed. I laughed like an idiot.

          “Oh god! You’re a funny one Monsieur Tomlinson! And for your information, age does not matter; even ask your husband: Harry Styles,” I nudged his arms and he laughed.

          “Well, that was fun,” he tried containing his laughter as he looked past me and a boy my age. Louis nodded slowly and said, “Hey, look, I got to go! Promise me, we’ll do something like this again. Okay?”

          “Oh, wait before you go; you must meet my only ‘true friend’ in this school,” I said slowly hoping the two boys wouldn’t be uncomfortable, “Louis this is Luke, Luke this is Louis,” I pointed back and forth and right after they shook hands, I told Louis all my thanks and goodbyes.

          “Who was that?” Luke asked as he carefully observed Louis’s departure.

          “A new friend,” I answered quickly.

          “Well, you two sure don’t act like friends,” he smiled.

          “Oh shut up! Come on, we’re going to be late!” I yelled past him as I walked quickly hoping to avoid some silly conversations. Luke has been a friend of mine ever since I arrived here in Paris. We were the ‘outcast’ in the private school; probably because we only talk to each other. Luke has been a close friend of mine, he has been there for me every time I needed him, he was my comfort, and my helping hand. Luke was one of the girl gossip subjects in the school, even though the popular rich girls have made their selves open to Luke; he objected, he remained true and he remained right there by my side. He was a true friend of mine.


Being cheeky and sneakily updated the third chapter of 'Crossed Destiny', which means the next chapter will be out on Wednesday! Soo see yah until then! BYYYEE!

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