Crossed Destiny

Everything can change in just a matter of days.
Some say it's destiny.
But what the boys didn't know was that their world will turn upside down after a visit to Paris.


2. Second Encounter and an Unexpected Chemistry

Zayn’s POV

Here I am, wretched and carrying the world on my shoulders. I was disappointed, I could’ve protected her before the attack but I wasn’t able to. She was innocent, it was all wrong. I felt bad for her, she wasn’t there for us; she was there because of an important appointment. I saw her artworks splattered across the dirty road; I saw the embarrassment in her eyes. I don’t know why I care so much about that girl. I wish I could go back in time and just be there before the girl attacked her. Inside of me was a desire to search for that girl and just say sorry; just an apology.

“I have to look for that girl and say sorry,” I told the lads who are sitting on the footstep of my bed.

“But it’s not even your fault,” Niall protested – who seemed annoyed that I care so much about a girl I don’t even know.

“I don’t know man, I guess this is different. I mean I saw her artwork get scattered on the floor and I felt like I had to help her,” looking up to the lads who are looking straight at me. They sat there looking at me saying nothing. “What!?!” I yelled. In a second or two, Louis laughed hysterically and then Harry and then Niall:

“Why in the world are you so worried? I mean it’s not like she’s the last girl on earth,” giggled Louis.

“And if you were ever to meet her – would you imagine what a crowd you will attract? Unless you know where she lives, you can’t just scavenge the city for a girl,” Harry who wiped a tear on his face.

I look to Liam, hoping to gain an ally, “I guess what the lads are saying is true, do you know how big Paris is? I understand that you want to apologize to her and want to know if she was injured or what but you can’t just go looking around the city.”

“I guess y’all are right, I mean I was just startled when I saw her being attacked – and her artwork makes me feel like we have something in common,” sighing as I fully understand what the lads are saying.

“Hey, tell you what; there’s this pizzeria that is near this place – do you guys want to grab a bite or two?” Niall said.  In the end, the lads all agreed to go.

Lea’s POV

Here I am, working in my stepmother’s pizzeria. I could’ve objected working here but the fact that she kept me and fed me all my years since my biological parents died, I agreed working even with half of the pay. And working in this pizzeria that has a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower and the night market brings me into a world no one would ever know. It was an idle night, probably because it was a Sunday night and a school night; everyone in the area was about to take their sleep. Only 45 minutes ‘till I close this pizzeria and call it for a day. It was 11:15, this was an unusual hour for a pizzeria; but I had to stay an hour more because I was allowed to go to the other side of the city for an appointment. An appointment ruined by five snotty British guys.

I miss my home, the pine trees, the maple trees; the winter winds; the glorious land of Canada. I left Canada when I was 13 years old; when my father married a woman in France. I was forced to accept a stranger as my mother. I was disgusted with my father; I believe that once you are married; the vow will not be broken. I was involuntary enrolled in a private school; full of ungrateful rich and spoiled kids –who have nothing to do but buy useless things with their money. But I got used to it, my French grammar and accent improved over the course of the months. At the age of 16, my father left me. Abandoned me; he died of a cardiac arrest after a fight with my stepmother. And what pained me the most was that they fought because of me. Whether I should pursue art (which my dad strongly believes I should) or medicine (in which my mom strongly protests that nurses and doctors make more money.) It was a storm in the house whenever they argue, but every time they fight I realize that they love each other. I learned to accept my stepmother, but I felt that every time she looks at me; I feel like I was the one to blame for my father’s death. I mean I know, the argument was about me. I also blame myself.


The pizzeria door rang as five attractive boys entered the pizzeria – and one of them was the boy who held me in front of the agency. I stood there motionless, and all I could think was nothing. Damn, damn! Why do I always have to look unappealing whenever good-looking boys are around?

“Hi,” what the hell was that? Lea Ann Grante, you are educated and all you could say is hi? Smooth.

“Hey! Aren’t you the girl I met before?” I don’t know why but his smile was as wide as it can be, dimples showing, and eyes striking. Damn it, he’s looking at me and how do I look? How? I look ugly. I looked at all of them, and as I observe; the boy who is wearing suspenders winked at me.

“So, you’re the girl who Zayn was dying to see all day. I’m Louis Tomlinson what a coincidence to see you here. Zayn is certainly happy to see you,” as held out his hand towards mine; I wiped my hands and reached out to return his handshake. “And this is Niall, Liam, Harry, and I believe you met Zayn,” all of them waved at me at the same time.

I nodded and slowly came into consciousness, “What can I help you with misters?” I stumbled on the counter and knocked over the sauce cans.

They all laughed except for Zayn, who stared at me with admiration, “I guess you’ll have to hit us with your best.”

“Pardon me!?” as I looked at him with disgust.

The boy with the curls laughed, “oh hey, there! What he means is that we’ll have your best pizza!” All of them laughed and all I could say was:

“Oh, I’m sorry; I was just caught off guard. I didn’t know,” I blushed my way out of the conversation as I punched in the total cost and hurried to the kitchen.

Niall’s POV

Yup, she is different. I could tell why Zayn wanted to see her; she was different from other girls we’ve met. She’s hot yet simple and down-to-earth; and she makes food and the best pizza I have ever tasted in my life. It was amazing, the toppings of this pizza were the best; I could taste different spices and after the taste bombarded into my taste buds I will be wanting more and more. The place was so small and elegant; yet the food was high class. Yup, I am totally coming back to this pizzeria. I looked around, and I saw her again; staring at us. I looked at my G-Shock and damn it was late! I turned to Liam and said:

“Hey, guys, I think Mrs. Malik over there is waiting for us,” as I look over my shoulders.

“What are you talking about? We’re not even dating,” Zayn looked at me with a horrified look embarrassed that his girl would her.

“Yeah, but you’re interested in her. Aren’t you?” Louis nods as he took another bite of pizza.

“You know what, let’s call her over. It’s really awkward seeing her not eat while we eat here like pigs,” Liam being sensible.

“Yeah, okay! Uhmm, hey Mrs. Malik! Do you want to join us?” Harry yelled across the pizzeria.

The girl looked around her and made sure Harry was talking to her, “Uhm, I rather not; I would be such a bother.” But before she gets to say her excuse, Zayn got up and escorted her into our table.

“Thanks, I really appreciate it,” she told Zayn in a soft voice.

Louis’s POV

“So, what’s your name babe?” I asked her and as she looked up to me I took the chance to wink.

“Lea Grante,” she answered clearly.

“What year are you?” Harry asked her.

“I’m a senior in a private school here in Paris,” I could tell by the tone of her voice that she’s an artist; a born artist.

“Are you planning to take arts in college or uni? Zayn told us about your artwork, he said it was mind-blowing.”

I could tell in her eyes that there is something that is preventing her to pursue her dreams, she was hesitant and unsure of what she’s going to say, but she answered:

“Probably not, my stepmother wants me to take medicine in college. She says the pay will be much better than what an artist would get.”

“But your artwork is marvelous; you should take arts in college! You definitely have a chance to be a popular artist or painter!” Zayn protested.

“Look I don’t want to talk about this and plus your ‘directioners’ already ruined my chance to get a diploma to an arts college,” she told Zayn in a calm way; leaving not only Zayn but all of the lads speechless.

Lea’s POV

          “Come on, Zayn. I know you saw the accident: the close-minded guard, the aggressive fan of yours,” I pointed out the people that made it impossible for me to even have a chance to show my artworks. “Look, I’m not blaming you guys for the accident,” I lied, “you know what; I don’t want to talk about this. Oh, and by the way, I’m closing the pizzeria in ten minutes,” as I stood up. I walked to the kitchen as fast as possible. I didn’t want them to see the tears; all my hopes and dreams gone because of an obsessed fan. I despise them, I don’t know why but I despise them. I don’t care if they’re good-looking, rich, of famous; I hate them.

          I went to the far corner of the kitchen and sat on the corner hiding my face from the reality. Tears fell down my face; the shame, despair, weariness, and the fact that I’m blaming five guys for something they did not do. I hate myself, if I really wanted it so badly I should’ve protected myself; and if arts is really for me; it should’ve happened.

          The accident replayed through my mind: the heat, they yells, the scratches, the desperation, and the girl. “The girl,” I whispered to myself, “I know that girl.” I stared blankly as I rummaged through my head for the girl’s face, “I know her,” anger is all I felt when I came to the realization that my previous attacker was -

          “What girl? Who?” Zayn asked out of the blue, making me stumble to my feet.

          “What are you doing here?!” I wiped the tears on face as fast as I could. Hoping that he didn’t hear the anger in my voice, he answered:

          “Look, I know and the lads know that you’re blaming us for what happened earlier on the day but you got to understand-”

          “I’m sorry,” before he finished his explanation, “I’m sorry, now I know that I was being unfair for blaming you guys. You and your directioners; now I know why I was attacked,” I nodded with anger. Zayn nodded as I spoke and explained everything but after I finished; he shook his head with confusion:

          “Wait, what? I don’t understand.”

          “What I mean is that, I know why the girl attacked me,” I looked at his baffled face and I continued, “Because that girl goes to my school. She’s a senior twice in a row; she failed once and now she is trying to redeem her reputation by overpowering every girl in the school.” I sarcastically laughed and looked at him and I continued, “Isn’t it ironic? How I didn’t realize. The same blonde hair, the voice, and even the reeking flowery perfume; it was obvious it was her. I still remember her intimidating me by insulting me and the nasty rumors she was willing to spread just to destroy a girl,” I see him looking at my moving hands; I always talk with my hands. “I also remember that she was the girl who almost pushed me into committing suicide,” I sighed; my emotions slowly crept back, and a tear fell out of my eye. The confusion in his face was overtaken by shock, and all he did was hug me.

Zayn’s POV

          I hugged her, with all of my might. I couldn’t believe it, I was caught off guard; the girl I met today was a phenomenon. Her strength and sensibility displayed through her eyes, the happiness that was displayed by her smile; all of them are hiding someone. Someone I wasn’t ready to know, someone that caught me off guard. Lea Grante, someone who wears her heart on her sleeves; a girl courageous enough to tell others her life story even though she just met them; someone who I learned to adore just now. It was impossible to say anything back to a girl who (you learned) has won a battle against suicide thoughts; so I hugged her. Thoughts were rushing through my mind, all the emotions, all the worries; and by the time she let go of the hug: I was tearing up.

Louis’s POV

          I don’t know why; but there is something with Lea. Her pristine chestnut hair, the crystal blue eyes, and a perfect match of lips and jawline; made a part of me tingle. She was different, her beauty is elegance; every move was flawless; and her petite French accent makes her a total package. Lea is an amazing artwork made only in heaven, and comes only once in a lifetime. I know that Zayn is interested in her but I just can’t help being interested too.


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