Crossed Destiny

Everything can change in just a matter of days.
Some say it's destiny.
But what the boys didn't know was that their world will turn upside down after a visit to Paris.


6. Insecurities

Zayn’s POV

          I woke up beside her, lying there, her bare skin meeting with mine. I looked at her, observing every detail of her delicate face. I touched her soft cheek and kissed her forehead, I brushed strangles of her hair aside. I wouldn’t forget this moment, never. I smiled.

Lea’s POV

          My throbbing headache woke me up; I rubbed my hands against my eyes, and stretched my body. As I stretched my body, I realized I was completely exposed; I froze. Shit, wasn’t I with Zayn last night? I moved my hand to make sure I was alone, and as soon as my hand even reaches out the surface of the bed; my hand touched a body. SHIT! I jumped out of the bed with the bed sheets, and screamed on the top of my lungs as Zayn quickly tried to find something to cover him up. I completely forgot about him, I knew drinking alcohol was a bad idea. Oh shit, whatever happened last night couldn’t be any good. We stared at each other, he was nervous and I was horrified. I cleared up my throat twice and head my held my head high as I covered myself with the beddings and looked away from him:

          “uh, get dressed and we’ll talk about this later.” Damn it. I don’t know what to do. I couldn’t talk about it; it’s a horrifying thing to even think about. Shit. I looked down as he quickly got dressed; he dressed up and replied:

          “I’ll meet you downstairs, I guess.” I nodded back.

          Fuck. Shit. Crap. Damn it. I mouthed every swear words to myself hoping no one would hear. What the hell did I just got into? I met a boy three days ago, and I already lost my virginity to him!? Shit. I can’t even think of what my biological mom would say if she was still here. Damn. I am in serious trouble. But wait what if he was respectful enough to not touch me? Yeah, what if we didn’t do it; but WHO AM I KIDDING!? We were drunk, he likes me and I like him; who knows what we did? Crap, just forget about it for a minute. I wore my blue jeans, and an ordinary blue sweater; and as I got dressed; I was thinking of what I would say. This is probably the most awkward situation I can ever be involved in. I argued with myself for ten minutes, after that then did I realize that I had to talk to him.

Zayn’s POV

          I saw her eyes, she told me get dress; and I assume she wanted me out of here. I feel rejected; in all of my life I have never felt rejected that badly. There are so many girls willing to sleep with me, I don’t know why. But why can’t Lea be one of them; is something wrong with me? Was I not good enough for her? Not good-looking enough? I remembered her journal, filled with different pictures and one of them was me. I thought she likes me; but then I can’t ignore the fact that I am not the only boy that made it to Lea’s journal: there were Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner, Adam Levine, and many more. I feel like as if I can’t achieve any of her standards. I walked slowly on the chilly hallway floor, and at the end was a reflection of a boy staring straight at me. Those lips can’t be compared to those boys in Lea’s journals, and those eyes, and the jawline, and my voice. I hate being myself. I stared at the mirror, and a tear fell out of my eyes. I decided that there is no use talking with Lea; I know what I will get is rejection; and I have to accept that.

Lea’s POV

          I held on the stair railing as I was greeted by the bright sunshine down at the closed pizzeria; it was Easter and my stepmother is probably at church endorsing her family business. It was usual, she goes to church pretending to be Mother Theresa; but she was present in the pizzeria; at one of the table eating her brunch. I looked around and Zayn was nowhere to be found, I stared at my mother and just as I was about to speak, she questioned me:

          “Are you looking for the boy you were with last night?” she tilted her head just how she does whenever she’s curious; I ignored her, thinking that he might be in the bathroom, she continued, “look, I might be selfish most of the times, but I got to intervene with your actions and teach you about making right decisions.” She looked at me pouting her fake lips she got done last year.

          “I am not like you. I know what I do, and you have no right to tell me what to do,” I was pissed; this day cannot be any worse.

          “Don’t you dare talk to me like that? I fed you, and let you live inside my house; now if you can’t respect me you can expect the decrease in your pay here around the pizzeria.” She hissed right back.

          I was done, I didn’t want to talk to her, “I don’t care,” she was displeased that she did not get a debate that she wanted, her eyes widened.

          “Well, your boyfriend already left, slut,” I hated her even more. That word: slut. What if I really am one? But doesn’t it make me less of a slut since I liked him and we were drunk? I was hurt and confused.

          “Go to hell”, as I whispered and left the pizzeria.


Liam’s POV

          I was startled by an unexpecting knock; I can’t think of anyone who would knock on my hotel door this early but Zayn. Everyone was told to not to tell the public of Zayn’s disappearance last night; and all I wanted is to see him and tell him that I am there for him no matter what. I wanted to see his smile and hear his laughter. I wanted him here. I looked through the door, and there he was. I opened the door immediately and hugged him before he can even say hello. He returned the hug, and I was shaken when Zayn suddenly cried; I don’t know why but my tear duct opened too, I dragged him inside and sat him down on the bed. His eyes were red and tears fell down like a waterfall, I hugged him again and said:

          “Hey, I’m really sorry to what happened between you and Louis. But no matter what happens, I will be here for you,” as he sobbed, “tell you what, it’s okay for us to be fighting like this. It’s really a challenge for us, and what comes out of it will always be interesting. Do you remember our X-Factor auditions? We were caught up by nerves and yet we never gave up; in the end we were put together in an amazing group. And we learned to love each other, be there with each other, and how to cope with each other. And I am here for you, Zayn; just tell me what I can do for you,” by the time I finished speaking, I, too, was in tears; and I hugged him because I know that he is strong.


Well this is awks, I haven't updated in like 4 months. Anyways, since it's summer (yay!), I'm going to be updating more! WOOTS, so like, comment, and suggest ideas because I love themmm!

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