Crossed Destiny

Everything can change in just a matter of days.
Some say it's destiny.
But what the boys didn't know was that their world will turn upside down after a visit to Paris.


7. In Sickness and In Disease

Lea’s POV

          I pondered about last night as I slowly walked on the cobble-stoned plaza. Now that Zayn left the pizzeria, I am clueless as to how to communicate with him; I wanted to talk to him. I went to the hotel they were staying at; it was only a few metres away from the pizzeria. It took five minutes to walk there and there it was. I stared at the five-star hotel in front of me; it stands tall in the midst of the small buildings in this side of the city. It was gigantic, how am I going to find Zayn in this building; and that’s when a thought came to me: I had to text Louis. Yes, he can help me. I texted him:

Hey, I’m outside your hotel; I just need to talk to Zayn. Can you tell me where his room number is?

          I sat down the paved road and waited for Louis to text back. I couldn’t ignore the fact that people were looking at me as they pass by; it took Louis six minutes to reply:

I’ll go down to save you my mistress. Wait at the lobby.

          I smiled, stood up and did what I was told to. I went through the revolving doors and entered the lobby, and damn, the mahogany tables, marble floor, and softly cushioned couches; the building sure looked luxurious. I felt iffy and out of place amongst these rich individuals who were looking at me as if I was a criminal of some sort. I waited patiently and looked at the painting above the sofa; it was painted with a dreadful brown paint, which looks like pudding across the artwork, I spent minutes looking at it when someone called out to me:

          “So, are you finished with your sight-seeing? Or should I show you something even more mind-blowing than that painting?” Louis snapped, I could tell he was annoyed; I don’t know why.

          “Hey, I, uh, just need to talk to Zayn; we kind of ran into some situation and I just need to talk to him,” I said nervously, as he eyed me from head to toe; I knew what I was wearing was shabby but it was just rude the way he snickered making me self-conscious, he said:

          “What are you wearing?” as he rolled his eyes, “you decide to come to this place without thinking about what you’re wearing? I thought you were smart enough to even dress yourself,” he spat at me with disgust and continued, “You know what? I don’t think Zayn is interested at you at ALL! So don’t even bother coming here; what are you even gonna tell him? What? That you’re going to be pregnant, just because you had sex with him? Is it? Because I’ve heard that statement from a lot of sluts before.”

          I was insulted and disrespected at the same time, “You know nothing as to what happened, so don’t you even judge me the way you just did.” I pointed my finger at him, taunting him to stop his banters.

          “Why? You can’t accept that last night, you were his slut? What is your excuse, that you were drunk? Girl, no matter what happens; he won’t like you; he only likes you because of your body.”

          “I thought better of you,” I told him with anger as I swiftly walked out, but even before passing him, he grabbed me in the arm and kissed me. I rejected the kiss and immediately slapped him across the face with all my might, “Go to hell!” as I shook his hand off my arm.

Louis’s POV

          She slapped me, I felt her soft hands land on my face; and the jealousy inside of me grew even more. I want her so badly; it was killing me that Zayn already had her last night. I was sick of it; I only gave Lea an attitude because I wanted her to myself, so that she won’t be able to talk to Zayn. Damn it, I felt like I pushed her away even more. I need to apologize to her.


Lea’s POV

          Stupid bastard! I walked back at the pizzeria and was surprised by the door sign, Open. What the hell? It was Easter and she’s opening the shop? I better not be told to go to work. I entered and slammed the door and rapidly went for the stairs that leads to the second floor but I was blocked by my heartless setmother as she held out my apron.

          “I don’t feel like working today,” I told her avoiding the apron.

          “You have to; you know the band you were hooking up with? One Direction; well their management said they’re coming down for lunch; you better work your spoiled butt instead of drawing all day,” she uttered with her strong French accent. “Heads up, put on a fake smile and greet our first customers!” she ditched me as the civilians came in.

          I was honestly not up for work today, my headache is still killing. I am worrying about it; my headache hasn’t worn out a bit since it first started. Every thirty minutes, my stepmother would go down the pizzeria checking if the band has arrived and asking how many customers I have served; and it doesn’t help at ALL. It was 11:45 am when they arrived at the pizzeria, bringing with them a pack of paparazzi and die-hard fans. I was shocked, not only do I have to serve 1D but I have to serve their followers too; it was crazy. The shouts, the yells, the demanding people; it was drowning me. I was being attacked with orders and horrible judgement; it wasn’t until then that I couldn’t take anymore. The people were satisfied with their food and the only order I have to take is from those British brats. But before they can even order, my vision blurred, everything spun around in circles; and it was in a flash of a second: I collapsed.


Zayn’s POV

          We brought Lea to the hospital after she collapsed, her stepmother insisted that she would be back up after ten minutes; but I told her I wanted to make sure she was okay. It was crazy, the way she fell helplessly towards the floor; I couldn’t even think about it. The lads waited with me in the hospital room with Lea on the bed; we were hoping she would be alright; she hasn’t been conscious since the accident. This worried the nurses and the doctor, they informed us that if it was just exhaustion; she would’ve have been conscious immediately after the collapse. Paul encouraged the lads to go back to the hotel but all of them decided to stay.

Louis’s POV

          We have been waiting for five hours and yet Lea hasn’t woken up from her slumber. There were few nurses that came in and out every hour, checking, taking her blood pressure, and taking measurements of I don’t know what. I became more worried when three nurses and a doctor came in and spoke fluent French, looking very worried; they took Lea’s blood sample and left after that leaving us clueless as to what’s happening. That was two hours ago, when the silence of the room was disturbed by Zayn:

          “Hey!” obviously calling for my attention. Everyone turned their heads towards Zayn and me.

          “What?” I asked as Harry looked at me secretly.

          “Are you still mad at me?” Zayn asked. Was I? Was I still mad at him? I haven’t really thought of anything but Lea since that feud.

          “I don’t know, a bruise is nothing, but hitting up with a girl I like is something,” I said looking towards Lea.

          “What are you talking about!? I liked her before you even knew her, so technically she is mine!” His voice boomed across the light blue room, I ignored him, “you know what: you have an attitude. I am trying to fix something between us and all you do is mess it even more, fag.”

          Paul interrupted the conversation telling us to calm ourselves down before Lea’s stepmother; and it wasn’t then that the door clicked open and the previous doctor came in. We all stood up and paid our attention to him.

Zayn’s POV

          “So, uh, parlez-vous Anglais?” I tried with all my best hoping that he can speak English. I was worried and I just needed to know if Lea was okay or not.

          “I do speak English, young man. So, now, who is responsible for Lea?” he asked in his heavy French accent. We all pointed at Lea’s stepmother and she stepped forward asking the doctor how her daughter was. We were relieved that she asked him in English, if not we would be totally clueless of what was happening.

          “So, Lea is not your biological daughter, am I right?” as he gestured for us to have a seat.

          “Yes, why?” Mrs. Grante asked him.

          “Well, according to the tests we have done with Ms. Lea here; we found out that she inherited some kind of.., uh, sickness,” as he slowly told us hoping that it wouldn’t be much to take in. He continued, “I shouldn’t have called it sickness. It’s more like cancer.” I rejected every word he said; it was too much to take in. It was hard; to think that the girl you just learned to love has cancer. It felt like the world is coming down on me, I felt a build up inside my throat as I tried to tell him it was impossible for an innocent girl to have one. I looked at him and towards Lea, and I can’t believe that the innocent girl laying there has been carrying a big load of burden. The girl who I held in front of the radio station, the girl I hugged in the pizzeria, the girl I made love with and the girl who has cancer; was the girl I fell in love with. The girl, who made me feel like I have never before; has cancer. I wiped my tears as I tried to speak up:

          “Sir.., what kind of cancer is it?” as I choked.


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