Crossed Destiny

Everything can change in just a matter of days.
Some say it's destiny.
But what the boys didn't know was that their world will turn upside down after a visit to Paris.


4. Confrontation


Liam’s POV


          As the door opened, came in a shocked Louis; clearly he forgot about our meeting with our sponsors. It was an important meeting; it was an ‘all or nothing’ kind of a deal, we needed these sponsors so that we can continue our fifth worldwide tour and have some break between the tour dates. But no, he had to miss it. It was obvious that he was embarrassed, he knew he will get the ‘Cowell’ talk; and it will be bad.

Zayn’s POV

          And the fake sham comes in the hotel room, how can he defy me; does he think I’m an ignorant piece of shit? I stared at him, what once was one of my best pals have turned his back and betrayed me. I like Lea, and he knows that; but why did he do such thing?

          “So Louis, how was Lea?” I asked him staring at his eyes; he looked at me and avoided my gaze. I smiled trying to hide my anger and sadness. He’s guilty.

          “She, uh,” he sighed deeply as his face began to mortify, “how did you know?”

          “So what Harry told to me was true, you met up with her? Were you deaf when I told you I like her? Weren’t you there when I hugged her, clearly you don’t get it. I LIKE HER!” I roared loud.

Harry’s POV

          “Zayn,” as I got up and made a wall between Louis and Zayn; I know that any time Zayn could let go of his anger. I felt bad for Lou, but when the group sat down for breakfast I had to tell them Lou’s rendezvous; and I couldn’t lie in front of my lads. I looked at Lou, and there he was; his immature façade was drained, his teary eyes focused on the floor, and pale grasping hands clarifies that he can’t handle the torment and embarrassment.

          “Look, Zayn, it’s not what you think it is,” as he tries explaining, he wiped a tear falling down from his left eye.

          “What? What do you want me to think? You know what? I trusted you with all and this; THIS is what you give back! Thanks for being a friend, bitch! You’re just a fag!” the lads were staggered by the insensitive, cruel words from Zayn; it was about time Liam to get involve.

          “Zayn, that is enough! Watch your language, this is not going to help,” Liam said in a demanding tone.

          “Is that what you think I am? Well, let me tell you how I think of you. You are a horrible cocky guy with a huge ego; you think smoking is hot? Well, let me tell you; you fucking stink every time you smoke a cigarette. Oh, and your tattoos are gay,” Lou smiled but I could see the agony in his eyes, everyone was motionless trapped in shock. I looked at both Lou and Zayn, and it was too late to realize that after Lou’s insult; wrath was already written on Zayn’s face; he extended his muscular arm and rapidly swung his fist across Lou’s face.

Niall’s POV 

          It was all in a slow motion, the increasing fury in Zayn’s face; and the way he lifted his fist like it was a hammer waiting to be swayed around; and the blood that came out of Louis’s upper lip. We were caught up, shocked, speechless, and motionless.

Zayn’s POV 

          Who the hell am I? It feels like I don’t know myself anymore. I see Louis on the ground covering up the damage I’ve done; he looked at me with his gloomy blue eyes; what have I done? This is all Lea’s fault; if I hadn’t met her, this wouldn’t be happening. Shit.

Harry’s POV

          I was stunned; I never knew Zayn could do such thing. I helped Lou as he struggled to regain his balance. Liam ran out to get some ice and some medicine to treat Lou’s bleeding bruise; Niall was sitting opposite of Lou and was covering his face wanting to see no more of Lou’s marred face; and Zayn dashed out of the room. This is the moment I’ve been averting to see is happening; the band is slowly falling apart.

To be continued..


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