Crossed Destiny

Everything can change in just a matter of days.
Some say it's destiny.
But what the boys didn't know was that their world will turn upside down after a visit to Paris.


8. Apologies

Louis’s POV

          Everyone was devastated by the fact that Lea, unknowingly, has cancer. And the part that pained me the most was that I offended her with my false judgement. And that before this happened, I have inflicted a bad image upon her, it's like 'Romeo and Juliet'; I am Paris; and Lea and Zayn are Romeo and Juliet. The guilt inside me was burning, I wasn’t going to cry in front of Zayn; I promised myself. But as soon as I saw Lea, I cried; it was more like an outburst of feelings. I felt the pain. I can’t bear seeing someone I love suffering like this. I can’t see Lea like this; she's innocent, why does God have to put such curse into an innocent life? Why? Isn’t God supposed to favour the innocent and protect them? Heal them? Why? Liam and Niall were comforting Zayn and Lea’s stepmother; while Harry stayed beside me soothing every sob. I felt my heart aching: the hatred, love, and anger were fighting inside of me; and I could feel their very weapons stabbing, whipping, and ripping my heart.

Harry’s POV

          I stayed beside Lou; I know what he and Zayn are going through right now. I just hope that I can do anything to make them better, especially Lou. It wasn’t a nice sight to see your best friends fighting and hurting each other. I had to do something, and I think I know what to do. I went on the official One Direction Tumblr blog; and called out to our followers:

“To all Zouis shippers, I am holding a contest. Whoever sends me the best Zouis video wins a backstage pass!”

          And that’s it, I knew Simon would flip out on me if he sees this; but I didn’t care; if it means having Zayn and Lou forgiving each other, it was worth it.


Liam’s POV

          “498,015 submits and messages!?! Harry, are you insane? How are we going to watch all of these videos? It would take us weeks to watch all this!” Harry asked me to accompany him to the bathroom, but instead he told me about what he did. I was overtaken by Harry’s stupidity. I know he didn’t think of getting this much submissions; and I also know that he was trying to get Zayn and Louis back together again. But it was just crazy. Even before Harry could tell me his other plans, Zayn came out of nowhere with his phone in his hand –

          “So, is this what you guys are up to?” holding up his blackberry with the Tumblr post Harry made an hour ago. Harry’s eyes grew bigger and he immediately pointed at me:

          “It was his idea, it was not my fault,” his dimples curled up as he tried to hide his smile. I slapped his hand softly, and said,

          “You liar, it was not my idea; it was yours. And plus, if it was my idea; I would’ve planned it better,” I raised my eyebrow at him and he resisted a smile.

          “Okay, it was my plan. But what I really wanted to do was to cheer you both, I mean this week has been all about negativity; why not look on the positive side? I mean, we have the directioners supporting us, right?” Harry explained.

          Zayn sighed, “look, I know Lou and I have been fighting, but I just don’t know how to talk to him. I tried, but he gives me that annoying attitude of his. I think he is just jealous that Lea likes me back,” Harry looked at me as if telling me to help him persuade Zayn into forgiving Louis.

          “Look Zayn, do you see how much notes the post got? And do you know that we received almost 500,000 video submissions-”

          “498,015!” Harry interrupted, we both look at him and he stepped back and I continued:

          “We received 498,015 video submissions, and it just proves that you are an amazing friend to Louis; that even the directioners witnessed your friendship with him. And as your best friends, we want both of you to forgive each other and start talking to each other again. And if anyone could help Louis right now, it would be you. Because you have something in common with him; you and Louis both like the same girl. And right now you, too, are feeling the pain and sadness that he’s experiencing. And I believe that you two could help each other cope with Lea’s current condition.”

          “Do you really think so, Liam?” Zayn asked me with grief in his eyes.

          “Yes, I do,” I answered back, hoping he will consider my proposition.

Zayn’s POV

          I thought about what Liam told me, for the sake of the fans and Lea; I will forgive Louis. I remembered the first time we met in X-Factor, the laughs, and the inside jokes, the video diaries, Harry’s family home; every memory I have of Louis came rushing in my mind. I teared up, because I realized that I have messed up my friendship with Louis; and I know that our friendship is very vital for the band to remain stable. I regret all of this. I swung the heavy door that leads to Lea’s room; and right there, head leaning on Lea’s hospital bed. I walked straight to him, and hugged him from behind. His body tensed for a bit, I could tell he was surprised. Harry and Liam walked in and froze on the entrance door; they, too, was shocked by the sight. I hugged him for two minutes before whispering to him:

          “I’m really sorry for the things I said to you. I’m sorry for calling you a fag, for everything I have done to you. For hurting your feelings and for messing up our friendship; I’m sorry for punching you. I really am sorry. I know you are still mad at me, but right now, we need to help each other cope with the horrible news that was brought upon us. Can you please forgive me?” I sniffled, I looked at his watery eyes and I knew from that point that he was hiding something from me.

          “Look, Zayn, I can’t forgive you because it’s not you who messed up our friendship; it was me. I was stubborn, I didn’t think on what I was doing. I didn’t listen to what you were saying, I got caught up. I was jealous. I’m really sorry,” he looked down towards his clenched hands. There was something missing, I heard something different when he was apologizing to me; there was uncertainty. It was like he was hiding something from me; but I just don’t know what it was.

          “Is that all?” I asked him, the lads strained their eyes looking at both of us; they were caught up in this drama.

          “Yeah, I guess. So, do you accept my apology?” Louis asked. Without saying something, I stepped closer to him and hugged him tight; and there I saw Lea. She was staring right at us, her flawless blue eyes was gazing. She woke up from her lengthy slumber, she smiled at what she was seeing; she knew that Louis and I, somehow, fixed our friendship. I let go of Louis’s hug, and went to hug Lea.

To be continued...


Oh btw, congratulations to Perrie and Zayn! I personally believe that it was okay for them to be engaged in such a young age but I think that they should wait for another year or two before they actually get married. Because y'know, we don't want Zayn pulling a Kim Kardashian. :') But anyways about the story; I know directioners will freak out and rant about how I associate homosexual acts with the boys but relax, I'm going to put lots of female sass queens in this story so get ready for the rollercoaster!

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