Blood lust

Scarlet has been living in this world for 1000 years as a 17 year old girl. She has been running from the life threatening dangers all her life, but when she meets Harry and falls in love, she'll have to fight to keep her mortal love safe. That means briging back memories from her past and making her biggest secret, have to face the cold blooded truth.


6. Truth or Dare


Scarlett's POV

I told Harry about Niall but he was still very curious.

"So your still friends with Niall, even after you broke up?" He asked, we were in the car driving to Niall's house.

"Yes, he understands me, and we stayed friends, he was-has always there for me and no matter what he wouldn't leave me, so we stayed friends." 

"But by the sound of that conversation, you seemed pretty close, I mean he said he wanted to make out with you" I laughed at that and looked at him.

"Were what you call, 'friends with benefits   we never lost our love for each other but we still saw other people since we weren't dating, Niall doesn't have a girl friend though, he doesn't sleep around either, but I did" 

"ohhh so your that type of girl" I laughed again

"of course not, I just always get what I want when I want it" I smiled at him and winked, we arrived at Niall's house and I knew Ivy and Summer were already here, her car was in the driveway. I got out and walked to the door. Harry was about to knock but I stopped him.

"wanna see something cool" he looked at me funny

"Ivy, Summer I know you can hear me I can hear you laughing, wheres Niall open the door"

"why should we open the door?"

"because if you don't i'll just break the door down, and Niall won't be very happy if you have to pay for a new one" I said I was looking at Harry and he looked confused.

"Are you talking through them through the door, and how are you gonna break the door down, you are defiantly not strong enough to do that"

"oh yes i am, and yes i am talking to her through the door, Summer just got up from the couch and is about to open the door in, three, two-"

"Hi there, and Harry I wouldn't test her she is stronger then, well anything" Ivy soon popped up behind her,

"It,s true she could beat every guy in the school at an arm wrestle if she tried to"

"yeah, okay we'll see about that" Harry said with a cheeky smile. Niall popped up behind Ivy.

"Careful man, she bites, really, it hurts" he said rubbing his neck.

"shut up Niall!" I walked in the house and hugged him, Niall was joking about the bite joke, I really did bite him, don't judge, we were making out and I was kissing his neck and, well you know what happened, thank god he knew I was a vampire when that happened, the funny thing is is that he said he liked it and asked me to do it again, he said I was a sexy vampire and it turned him on, anyways.

"welcome mate, i'm Niall, but I bet you already know that, welcome"

Harry's POV

Wow they really did have a thing, and i'll have to sit through a day of it, I looked at Niall's neck and saw two little marks on his neck when he removed his hand to shake mine, I was curious bet then I guessed it was just a love bite, and Scarlett probably gave it to him, I have to admit I was a little jealous that she had history with this guy, and they were still making it. I reached out to shake his hand and followed Niall into the living room. There was food covering the giant coffee table in the middle blankets on the floor and a humongous flat screen T.V. Niall sat down on the corner of the couch and Scarlett sat on his lap and channel surfed the T.V while they laughed. I stood in the doorway leaning against the post when Ivy walked up to me.

"Your staring" she said I laughed at that

"staring at what" but I knew what she was talking about, Niall and Scarlett were making out on the couch, Summer sat next to them happily watching T.V, she must be used to it if she can just sit there, while they're practically shoving there tongues down each others mouths, Stop Harry, you don't feel anything for her.

But I do, I do have feelings for her,

No you don't, what am I doing I love her of course I do but I just can't tell her.

"Don't worry your secret is safe with me" Ivy said and smiled

"what?" She then walked past me and yelled,

"Lets play Truth or Dare!!!"

A/N hope your enjoying btw, Ivy can read minds and Summer can see the future and Scarlet can send her thoughts to other peoples head and tell them how she feels by touching them. Special vampire gifts. 

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