Blood lust

Scarlet has been living in this world for 1000 years as a 17 year old girl. She has been running from the life threatening dangers all her life, but when she meets Harry and falls in love, she'll have to fight to keep her mortal love safe. That means briging back memories from her past and making her biggest secret, have to face the cold blooded truth.


8. surprise,surprise


Scarlett's POV

He's here, I need to get Harry and Niall out of here, the problem is Niall knows, Harry doesn't. There was a knock at the door,

"I'll get it" I said anxiously walking to the door. I opened it and saw a familiar figure standing before me.

"Oh my gosh!!! ZAYN! WHAT HAPPENED!" He was covered in blood and cut up. I ran over to him and hugged  him tightly. The girls and Harry popped up behind us.

"Niall, you need to invite him in, you can trust him"

"you can come in" he said

Zayn stepped in and hugged me tightly..

"Uhh anyone wanna like tell me what's going on?" I ignored Harry and pulled Zayn into the kitchen. The others followed after me  Harry very confused. I ripped Zayn's shirt off and saw he had been stabbed with a steak. Harry's eyes opened in awe when h saw what had happened to Zayn.

"Harry go upstairs, now!" I yelled at him

"I'm not leaving!" I got really angry and my vamp mode came on, you see when vampires are hungry or mad or anything the veins in our faces pop out and our fangs appear and well, you get the point. Harry's eyes lit up and I could tell he was scared.

"Summer take him upstairs!" She grabbed Harry's arm and he tried to get away but she was stronger then him and she took him upstairs. Niall wasn't phased by this at all he used to be the same, he got used to it after a while.

"Niall, you have to hold his arms down so he doesn't move, the steak is right against his heart" Niall grabbed his arm and Ivy grabbed the other one, I reached my hand half way in his skin so I could grab the stake and pull it out. Zayn screamed. as I know how much it hurts, It's one of the most painful thing ever. I pulled the steak out and dropped it on the floor, Zayn was weak, and in a lot of pain. He would heal in an hour or so, the worse the impact the longer it takes to heal. I brought Zayn upstairs to one of Niall's spare rooms. I stayed with him for a while to.

"So wanna tell me who did this to you?" He smiled at me.

"Nice to see you to?" I laughed and lay next to him.

"that guy, that you told to go upstairs. Did he know?"

"what, that he was in a house full of vampires, not exactly" I stared at the roof,

"I should have just left him, I mean not lead him on"

"well, you always have me" He lightly laughed in pain

"You should get some sleep, you can tell me who did this to you when you heal, I need to get some blood in your system, i'll tell Summer to come and give you her bottle.

"her bottle"

"yeah, she's a sucker for blood"

"that's ironic" I laughed and left the room.


"what do you mean he left"

"he just vanished"

"i'll go find him, give Zayn some blood, he's really weak and needs to gain his strength back"

"okay i'll do that" she said smiling. I ran down the stairs and looked at the time it was 5 AM. I found Niall on the couch sleeping, I kissed him on the cheek and he blinked his eyes and tried to adjust his eyes to the light.

"Hi babe, i'll be back, your in a house of vampires and Zayn is a liitle thirsty so I highly suggest not cutting yourself, but Ivy has the most control so she'll save you, hopefully"

"you make me feel so safe" he said smiling.

"Love you to babe" I kissed him one last time and left to go find Harry wherever he was.

a/n sorry i HAVEN'T UPDATED!!! i GOT grounded for 3 weeks and all my electronics are gone, so if i don't update in a while that's why!!! hope i don't die of loneliness 2 weeks left xx

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