Blood lust

Scarlet has been living in this world for 1000 years as a 17 year old girl. She has been running from the life threatening dangers all her life, but when she meets Harry and falls in love, she'll have to fight to keep her mortal love safe. That means briging back memories from her past and making her biggest secret, have to face the cold blooded truth.


1. New beginnings


I have been on the run for more then 1000 years, but it seems like my past always makes it's way back.

My names Scarlet, and i'm a vampire, have been for more the 1000 years. I have dark brown hair. and mahogany colored eyes, if you look at them in the sun you can see the tint of red, I wear contacts so people don't question why my eyes are red. i'm not short, not at all, i'm quite tall for my age, yet again I am 1000 years old so my growing sort of stopped a long time ago.

I have been on the run forever from a man named Nikkolaus. He's the one that turned me into what I am today, I ran away from him when I got the chance, he has been looking for me ever since. He killed my parents my sister my brothers, my entire family basicly, the sad thing is, he is one of my brothers. He wants me to stay with him and forgive him for what he had done, why won't I? Well it's kind of hard to forgive the person who killed everyone you loved right in front of you and kept me to himself, making me this monster, I guess it was the thought of having to be alone for eternity by himself that stopped him, from killing me. I am no longer me and never will be again, no matter where I go, where I hide. So I decide to run and that's exactly what iv'e been doing, and will keep doing for as long as my existence is still present.



I start yet another year at a new high school today, I just got away from Nikkolaus and hope to not see him for another 100 years. The thought of him makes me want to kill myself and stop living on this dreadful earth. But I can never get away. Even in the afterlife would I still be torchered by my ancestors who have seen the pain I have caused other people on this earth. I hope this day will be done soon enough. At least I have 2 of my best friends here, Summer and Ivy. They are the only vampires that I adore. I won't be alone this year... And hope to never be again.


 I got dressed in my favorite outfit. I was wearing an off the shoulder shirt with a red rose on the front, and black skinny jeans, with black wedged shoes. I heard a honk out my door and saw a red, shiny car, pull up in front of my house. I was so excited to see Summer and Ivy, I haven't seen them in forever, and when a vampire says forever, that's a along time. I walked out and locked the front door.

"Summer! Ivy!" I ran and gave both of them big hugs.

"Hey there darlin'" I loved the sound of summer's southern accent, so refreshing.

 "How have you guys been!?! I haven't seen you in forever, not since, well..." I drifted off

"That summer, I know, welcome to the small town!" Ivy jumped in the back seat.

"Common' you don't want to be late for your first day!" Ivy smiled at me as I jumped in the front seat and Summer started the car. Off to school we went, nothing new, Iv'e only been to a couple hundred high schools in my life, but for some reason I was excited.


I got out of the car, a bunch of guys started whistling and hooting at me as I got out.

"Hey there beautiful!" A guy called from the group of jocks sitting on the table.

"Never miss that" I said as Ivy and Summer walked up to me.

"Hey new girl! Wanna float my boat?!?" Another jock yelled spanking the air while thrusting it at the same time. He then high fived another guy. We laughed and kept going. As I entered the school everyone stopped to look at me. Some of the guys stared and others drooled. It was quite funny, it then it all started to make sense  It was like one of those high school movies, we were the pretty popular girls everyone wanted to be, I had took one step in the the school and was already the "popular" one. I walked with Ivy and Summer  to they're lockers.

"I have to go get my schedule, i'll see you guys later"

"okay darlin' see you at lunch"


I got to the office when the bell rang. There was a short lady in the back office filing papers.

"Excuse me?" The short lady turned her head and came my way. She had orange curly hair that was put up in a bun, she was wearing glasses with a chain that hung around her neck.

"Hi! You must be the new girl! What's your name sweetie?"

"Scarlet, Scarlet Blake" she smiled and handed me a pile of papers.

"Well Scarlet, fill out these forms and when your done just hand them back to me, here's your schedule and your locker combination."

"Thank you" I smile back at her.

"Oh and, Scarlet, My names Ms. Duchannes , have a nice first day"

"Thank you Ms. Duchannes"

I filled out all my papers and gave them back to her, my first class was Chemistry, then History and Math, those were the only classes I looked forward to since they were my best subjects. I found the Chemistry room and knocked on the door. "Hi, i'm the new student here, is this Chemistry?"

"Why, yes it is, you must be Scarlet, class, please welcome our new student Scarlet, I hope you treat her nicely and welcome her to our class with open arms" I smiled

"Now Ms. Blake will need lab partner so-" all the guys shot their hands up, except one.

"Ahhh, Mr. Styles, meet your new lab partner" he smiled at him. You could hear all the boys in the class say "awww" like they were hoping the teacher would pick them. I took a seat next to y lab partner and didn't even look at him just took my safety goggles and put them on.

"By the way, i'm Mr. Scott"

I smiled at him and nodded my head. I got a glimpse at my lab partner. He had curly brown hair that fell over his eyes, and had a slim figure. He looked up at me and noticed I was staring at him. I immediately looked down and started writing in my journal. He had beautiful green eyes, he wasn't bad looking, he was anything but that. I couldn't read his mind either, that was one of the things I could do, each vampire had they're own power and mine was reading minds, along with compelling people, but every vampire could do that. He started to stare back at me, I just ignored it, but then the bell rang.

"I'm Scarlet" I said to him, he just looked back at me and said nothing.

"okay th-" he cut me off

"I'm Harry" I smiled at him.

"Well then, Harry can you show me where my locker is?" I gave him the papers with my locker combination and where it was.

"It's right next to mine, I can show you" he said, his eyes were so hypnotizing, and his voice was so raspy and low, and really sexy, something about him made me like him, I don't know what, but it was something I couldn't put in words. I grabbed my bags and followed him out the door. As we walked more people looked at us, guys said hi to me and girls waved. Harry just kept walking like everyone was invisible. When we got to the lockers, he begun to unlock his, and I unlocked mine, he stared at me in awe.


"iv'e just never seen someone open their locker so fast"

"oh, iv'e just had a lot of practice i guess" then Ivy and Summer came u to me.

"How's the first day girly?" Ivy asked

"Fine" Harry was about to leave when I stopped him remembering what Mr. Scott said before the bell rang. "You have a big project coming up, it's worth half your grade, so do good!"

"Wait, Harry" he stopped and turned to look at me, "you wanna come to my house today to get started on our project?"


"okay, meet me in front of the red car in the parking lot after school"

"ya, ok"


The rest of the day was boring, Ivy and Summer made me sit with the jocks and the "cool girls" but apperantley I was the most popular of them all now, I laughed at that but they weren't kidding, I couldn't wait to get out of here.

I met Harry at the car with Ivy, and Summer behind me.

"Come over later?"

"okay darlin', we'll see you later"

"bye love," I looked over at Harry 

"common Harry" He smiled and we started walking down the street

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