Blood lust

Scarlet has been living in this world for 1000 years as a 17 year old girl. She has been running from the life threatening dangers all her life, but when she meets Harry and falls in love, she'll have to fight to keep her mortal love safe. That means briging back memories from her past and making her biggest secret, have to face the cold blooded truth.


3. I'ts you


A/N Sorry for the log chapter... I didn't know it was that long till i published it. But hope you enjoy

Harry's POV

Her, lips felt like heaven, so, soft, so wonderful, they tasted like watermelon. All I could feel was her body against mine and I liked it, It felt so, well, I don't even have a word for it, all I knew was I liked it, and I never wanted it to end. She wrapped her hands in my hair and pulled, I slightly moaned not able to hold it in, I could feel her smile against my lips, that's when she rolled off me and got up she turned around and looked at the clock.

"It's 1 am, just stay the night," she sat back down on the couch on top of blanket.

"You know, your such a tease" I said, she just smiled and laid back on top of me fingers intertwined with mine, head on my chest, listening to my heartbeat

"I don't want you to get hurt"

"what do you mean"

"You don't want to get to know me, you'll be afraid of who I am and run,"

"and what if I don't"

"you will, it would be better that way anyway'

"and what if i'm not afraid"

"if you not-" she said looking at me, she got up and walked away back to me"

"if your not," she continued

"then I just put you in danger, you and the people you love"

"but there's no one for me to care for so how am I supposed to get hurt" she turned around facing me.

"It's not even that, There are bad people in this world, and a lot you don't know, about me, about the people you think are your friends, about Ivy, and Summer, you'll just get hurt and I won't be able to save you, even if I tried, I wouldn't be able to to"

"I can protect myself, I don't need you for that" I said a little mad that she thinks that a need a girl to protect me.

"No, you can't there are bigger things in this world, scarier things, and i'm just going to scare you away" she said looking away. I could tell she was being serious, but what could hurt me, scare her, be dangerous, have to do with Ivy, and Summer, and her family, I figured it had to do with those journals on that wall, I needed to get one, and I would.

"Scarlet what are you talking about, is there something your not telling me?"

Scarlet's POV

I wanted Harry to be mine, I wanted to protect him, I wanted to run my fingers through his curly hair, I wanted to love him, but I could't just thinking I could be the reason he'd get hurt.

"Scarlet," he grabbed me and sat me on his lap, I looked into those beautiful green orbs and fell under a trance,

"My mother once told me, Everything comes with something, love, hope, luck, even if it leads somewhere dark,"

Where did I hear that before, it sounded so familiar, then I remembered.


I had to get away, he was gonna get me I couldn't let this happen again, there was a house, it had lights on, it was the only place I could go. I ran up the long driveway and knocked on the door, I was covered in blood and was to weak to fight, he had stabbed me in the back when I wasn't looking with a piece of wood. I hadn't pulled it out yet cause I had no time. A young women answered the door she had dark wavy hair and was wearing a robe.

"Oh, my" she said covering her mouth in awe.

"PLEASE!" I whimpered crying

"help me, he's after me"

"Come in dear"

"thank you,"

"why, are you covered in blood, and, oh my god, you've been stabbed" I limped into the kitchen and sat down.

"i will tell you but first, can you please pull this out, slowly, it's right next to my heart"

"how are you not dead?" she asked slowly pulling out the chunk of wood.

"Because, i'm a vampire" she dropped the piece of wood fro her hands ad backed up against the counter scared.

"Please, don't be scared, i'm not going to hurt you, I just need help, I need to get this blood off me" she took me upstairs to the bathroom to get washed off, she came back with fresh clothes I guessed she had a daughter. As I was walking out the bathroom, there was a young boy, he looked 16, maybe younger staring at me, he was nothing like iv'e ever seen before he was absolutely beautiful.

"who are you?" 

"i'm Scarlet"

"that's a pretty name" I smiled 

"thanks" his mom came upstairs,

"Harry go back to bed, Scarlet come with me"


"no but's Harry go back to bed" He walked in and shut the door, I followed his mom back down the stairs. Wee had tea and I told her why I was running, and who I was running from, I told her about me, and who I was, how long iv'e been here and that I wish I had a family like her's.

"your not safe here, now that you know about me, and your son has seen me, he can still be in danger, he can still find me and you, and your son, your daughters safe she never saw me, you need to never tell anyone about this, it's not safe, I need to go talk to your son, Vampires have this thing when they can make people forget, or get them to do something, I think it would be safe I told him to forget seeing me, it will be more safe" 

"I agree, are you going to compel me to?"

"no, I trust that you will keep me safe, and keep this secret"

"I will" I smiled and gave her a hug, I went upstairs into Harry's room.

"Scarlet, just remember  Everything comes with something, love, hope, luck, even if it leads somewhere dark,"

"thank you"


"What are you doing in here?"

"it's not safe for you and more Harry"

"what do you mean"

"I want you to have this" I reached around my neck and  grabbed a necklace that had a cross on it

"this is a reminder of me, never leave it, it will protect you" I slipped the necklace around his neck, I looked him in the eyes.

"Forget you ever saw me, but remember someone special gave this to you and you will soon meet again" A tear slipped down my cheek and I was gone back on the run. 


I noticed a chain around his neck and pulled it out of his shirt. My expression went blank.

"What?" I clutched the necklace in my hand.

"It's you"

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