Blood lust

Scarlet has been living in this world for 1000 years as a 17 year old girl. She has been running from the life threatening dangers all her life, but when she meets Harry and falls in love, she'll have to fight to keep her mortal love safe. That means briging back memories from her past and making her biggest secret, have to face the cold blooded truth.


9. Details


Harry's POV 

Oh great, another guy, I was wondering, jeez, I wondered how many other guys she had a past with, but I also didn't want to know, Scarlett had a bond with Niall and they obviously had history, i mean they were making out on the couch for a a good 20 minutes or so. but now this Zayn guy is popping up at the door step, and holly shit! he was stabbed with wood. My body froze and I watched as Scarlett helped the guy inside, how was he not dead? i thought this is not possible  why is he not at the hospital? Scarlett brought him in the kitchen and helped him up on the counter, I looked over at Niall and he looked as if this wan't new to him at all.

"Harry go upstairs!" Scarlett yelled at me.

"I'm not leaving!" I yelled back even though I really did want to get out of here I had to look tough

"I SAID LEAVE NOW!" Scarlett was now madder and her face was paler, she had veins protruding out of her face and to sharp teeth sticking out the sides of her mouth. I was in udder shock and it all dissapeared, had I been seeing things?

"Summer take Harry upstairs now!" Summer grabbed me by the arm and started pulling me away. I tried to fight back but she was to strong. How was she so strong? she looked as delicate as a flower.

"Harry, come on" she said pulling me around the corner and up the stairs. How come Niall got to stay?

"I will explain it all to you if you just come with me" I didn't know if I could trust her. Was she the same as Scarlett. I followed her upstairs into a room.

"What the hell happened down there, what happened to Scarletts face!"

"Harry calm down,"

"Calm down! How do I freaking calm down!"



"Harry, if you calm down I will explain"

"Fine explain!"

"sit down, and don't try anything, i'm a lot stronger then you"

"what do you mean"

"I mean, Scarlett, Ivy, Zayn, and me are-"

"are what?" I was eager to find out what was going on.

"were, vampires" I was so shocked at what she just said I didn't believe her.

"Prove it"

"What do you mean prove it, you saw Scarlett's face, is that not enough"

"what about Niall, is he-"

"Niall is not a vampire, he just knows what we are, he used to date Scareltt, until he found out she was a vampire, Scarlett had broken up with Niall to keep him safe from the past of her life, but that didn't help, they loved each other to much and couldn't leave each other, they never got back together though. They just stayed good friends, she thought it would be better that way, but she knew as long as he knew about us and she still loved him she would always be putting him in danger. This is why she didn't want to do something wrong with you, she knew as soon as you knew about her, you were in danger and she didn't  want that"

"who is going to hurt the people she loves?"

"you need to talk to Scarlett about that" It was so much to process, It all just hit me. I was in a house full of vampires and even though Niall wasn't one I felt very vulnerable.

"Is that everything"


"no" I said dragging the "O"

"we, also have powers"


"not every vampire has them, only special ones do"

"So, what powers do you have?" this in particular sparked my interest.

"I can see the future"

"you, can see the future?"

"yes, it's a very special gift"

"what can the others do?"

"Zayn does not have a gift, he was turned by a regular"

"what can Ivy, and Scarlett do?"

"Ivy and Scarlett can read minds, but Scarlett is also way stronger then any normal vampire"

"oh" was all I could say,

"I need to go and check on Scarlett and Zayn. I'll be back"


"yes Harry"

"Am i gonna get hurt"

"emotionally, I don't know, physically, honestly maybe, but one of us would never hurt you on purpose"

"thanks" she smiled back at me and left, I had to get some air and take a walk, I couldn't go out the front door so I had to go out the window, there was a tree that I could climb down on, I just need some time to think

A/N there probably wont be another update till the end of next week I hope you enjoy this chapter love you Xx

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