How could this happen to me?

It all started with omegle. When 15 year old Jule met a 16 year old boy named Sam on omegle and would say one of the sweetest things. But one day he said I would hold you tight and tell you how important to me a,Jule thought he is one that I want to spend he rest of my life with. But will Sam be her only love. Keep reading to find out if Sam will be Jule's one and only love.


2. The cute boys

"Jule, Victoria wake up!" i heard my mom scream at the top of here lungs. I turned to my right just to see my sister on the floor snoring away so loudly. I realised we had school. I started picking up my room when i remembered about Sam's number  but forgot where i put it. As i turn around i see Victoria reading the small piece of pape. "Dont read it Victoria" i yell but was too late. "whos is this number?" she  asks quietly. I didnt respond to her question cause i didnt really know what do say. A minute later i see her storm out the room to tell mom. On the car on our way to school nobody said a word. When i got off the car i notice that 5 hot seniors waved at me like if they knew me. I waved back shyly and walked quickly toward the hallway. "Hey Jule hows your day?" asked one of the the hot boys that waved at me when i was ariving at school. "good thank you, okay see you later". When i walked in the  my class i see my friend Natalia and Harry another hot boy that waved at me too. They were so close together they all most kissed but just as i was leaving Natalia called my name. She was waving a piece of paper with a whole bunch of numbers in my face and was also jumping up and down. "Calm down Natalia, what happened?" i asked curoiosly, " I dony know he just came in and gave me his number!, can you believe it?!?!" she replied. "what happened here i could hear shouts from the hallway?" asked my friend Alondra. " Well i was in here and Harry Styles came in and gave me his number!!!!" she shouted. Alondra and i shhest her at the same time but she was astonished to hear what Harry Styles had done . What if Niall Horan maybe gave me his number i kept thinking well it could be possible Liam Payne had talked to me earlier and Harry Styles had just gaven my friend his number maybe i could have a chance with him i kept telling myself.





*****Authors note*****

Sorry i wrote such a short chapter but i have a lot of homework and things to do but maybe i will have a chance to write a chapter everyday. Sorry again hope you enjoy my fan fic!

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