How could this happen to me?

It all started with omegle. When 15 year old Jule met a 16 year old boy named Sam on omegle and would say one of the sweetest things. But one day he said I would hold you tight and tell you how important to me a,Jule thought he is one that I want to spend he rest of my life with. But will Sam be her only love. Keep reading to find out if Sam will be Jule's one and only love.


3. Shut up!!!

"Alondra stop bothering me" i wrote on a note to Alondra who was bothering me in the middle of a test. But she wouldn't listen so i stopped trying. You like Niall Horan, she wrote in a note. I know i said right across the room, the teacher looked at me and nodded her head side to side. Later that day, I kept scolding Alondra for what she did during the test."Who cares Jule its just a test!" she whispered "I CARE WHAT IF I FAIL THAT TEST!" i semi-yelled. I looked forward and saw Niall. I panicked and my hands started to tremble as fast as i held my best-friends hand. She looked at me with a huge grin on her face. Oh no she is going to do something crazy I thought. "Hey Niall can I talk to you for a little bit" she whispered. "Sure what do you want to talk about?" he asked "Are you free tonight cause i think someone that i know wants to meet you" "oh sure just tell me where and i will be there" " At the back of the Gym at 6:00 in the evening, "okay see you later". "What did you just do and who wants to see my man!?!?!?!?!" i yelled "Well you of course and i just wanted him to get to know you okay". As we kept walking I noticed that every one was making weird faces at Alondra and calling my friend a slut as we passed by. Oh yeah I forgot Alondra has a boyfriend named Enrique. So as I was saying When we were walking up to Enrique he stepped forward and kissed her on her cheek and asked her if they could talk alone. They went into the bathroom and stayed there for a L-O-N-G time. I decided to go in the hall way and wait for them there but in an instant the Schools band started to march in a line toward the hall. I couldn't believe it i was being pushed into the boys gym! Then i saw Zayn Malik one of the five cute boys. He came alking to me and grabbed my hand and pushed me to one of the bathrooms and kissed me so passionately. I looked at in the eye and slapped him with all my strength. " What was that for!" he said while blushing, "Why did you kiss me!?!?!?!?!?!?". "Because I really like you since you started to come here!". He looked at me and kissed me again. I pushed him and again and left the bathroom. Alondra came out of the bathroom 2 hours later! I wonder what they ere talking about I asked myself. " What were you guys talking abo-" i asked but she cut me off " We were talking about...... " 



***************Authors Note*********************

I am really sorry i haven't had time to update my movella cause i have a lot of projects

so sorry again i will write as soon as I can!

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