How could this happen to me?

It all started with omegle. When 15 year old Jule met a 16 year old boy named Sam on omegle and would say one of the sweetest things. But one day he said I would hold you tight and tell you how important to me a,Jule thought he is one that I want to spend he rest of my life with. But will Sam be her only love. Keep reading to find out if Sam will be Jule's one and only love.


1. He's a nice guy

"Hold up Victoria I just want to talk to a stranger on omegle like you say" I said so dramaticly,"Well do you want to go to the mall or not?" asked my annoying sister,Victoria. I didn't really know to say so I just kept quiet. "Fine i will go without you just don't be calling me on the phone to come back and pick you up!", I smiled as she left slaming my door. "Well I could at least  be talking with cute guys that i could maybe have a chance with", i said to myself quietly. The first person I chated with was horny so I disconnected with him, the second person wanted me to send naked pics of myself so I disconnected with him to but the third was a really sweet guy named "Sam" he was so sweet  we talked for about for two hours! When he gave me his number I started to imagine our wedding and what our children would lokk like but i started to realise that evry thing I had dreamed of would never happen. "I am back" I heard my sister yell from the living room. I heard my sister coming  to my room I quickly hid Sam's number under my pillow. "What are you doing sis?" she asked "oh i-i-i-i was looking up funny videos on youtube, why do you ask?"  i replied  " I just wanted you to close yor eyes just for a second" she responded with a big smile. I closed my eyes and waited for about a minute when I heard paper ripping and my curiosity grew so much I couldn't stand it anymore and opened my eyes to see that my sister had bought me a big fuzzy pillow. "OMG a new pillow thanks so much!" "oh it was nothing it was on clerance so i thought if it is on clearence it won't be so expense  to buy my sister a gift" she said laughing. I stared looking at her like really at that momment i just wanted to strangle her to death.

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