Tough Love

Carter was a normal girl... she lived on her own, and she had an amazing job! She was One Direction's stylist... but theres one thing she hates about her job... Louis Tomlinson. She loves all the boys, but Louis! But what happens when Louis shares his feelings with her? And what happens when she falls for Louis AND another member of One Direction???


4. Wanting you;)



Cater P.O.V.


I walked back into the hotel room, seeing everyone was still watching the movie. As I went to sit next to Louis, Harry gave me a wink. I just rolled my eyes.

"Everything alright babe?" Louis whispered in my ear. I nodded. I didn't want to tell him what happened in the hallway with Harry, cause I knew he would be mad. But a part of me wanted to. But I just kept quiet and continued to watch the Disney movie that was playing. 


When the movie was over with and when everyone left, Louis sat up next to me. 

"Are you sure your alright?" "I'm fine Louis!" I exclaimed. He just smiled. "Well, I know what will make you happy." He said, smirking. I smiled. "Oh do you?" He then leaned in and started to kiss me. I sat up better and threw my arms around his neck. I then got up and sat in him lap, not breaking the kiss. He licked my bottom lip for entrance, and I allowed. Our tounges explored each others mouths. I threw my hands into his messy, brown hair, making him moan. I smiled against his lips, making him smile. We then separated, looking into each others eyes. "Let me make you feel good." He whispered. I nodded slowly. "Are you sure?" I nodded again, not being able to find the words to use. He then started to kiss my neck, making me moan. As he was kissing my neck, he started to undo my shirt buttons. I did the same to him. I could already feel him getting hard against me, which made me giggle, knowing he gets turned on easily. 

As he continued to kiss my neck, both of our shirts were off with in a second. I started to massage his lower area, making me moan against my neck every few seconds. He stopped kissing me, looking me directly in the eyes, as I started to unbutton his jean pants. He smirked at me as I took his jeans off. He was now only in his boxers. He had a nice toned body, making me want him more. He then crawled back up to me, undoing my pants and throwing them off. He then grabbed my panties, and slowly started to take them off. He looked up at me for approval, and I nodded. Once they were off, he licked his lips, making me laugh. He then threw off his boxers, making me biting my lip. He chuckled. He started to kiss my neck, while moving his hand to my bra strap. With in a second, my bra was on the floor, both of us being naked. His hand started to go down my belly, getting to my lower area. 

Not moving his lips from my neck, he instantly shoved a finger into me. I groaned loudly. "Say my name." He whispered, up against my neck. "Oh Louis. Faster, faster!" I demanded, throwing my head back. 

Just as he started to pick up the pace, our hotel room door doing open to reveal Niall with a bag of chips. 

"OMG!!! I'm so sorry!!" He said, covering his eyes. Me and Louis grabbed the blanket and threw it over us, covering our bodies. "It's ok." Louis said, a blush creeping on his cheeks. I started to blush as well, looking down at the covers. 

"Um I should probably leave now..." Niall said, making it more awkward. Before Louis or I could answer, Niall was out the door, giggling. 

"Well that was interesting" Louis said, getting up from the bed and reaching for his boxers. "Ya." I said, getting up as well and putting on my robe. 

"So uh babe?" "Ya Lou?" "What did Harry want in the hallway?" Crap. This was the question I was hoping he wouldn't ask. The question that no one would ask. I just wished what happened in the hallway, would be like a dream. I would forget about it, and so would Harry. But I obviously knew that wasn't gonna happen. "Babe?" Louis asked, knocking me out of my thoughts. 

"Oh umm... He just asked if he could spend the night with us and I told him I wanted to be alone with you." All Louis did was nod. I lied. Straight to my boyfriends face. Louis then left me there to think, as he walked into the bathroom and started his shower. I walked over to the bed and sat down. I love Louis. Or that's what I thought. Cause when I kissed Harry, I felt something I've never felt. 



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