Tough Love

Carter was a normal girl... she lived on her own, and she had an amazing job! She was One Direction's stylist... but theres one thing she hates about her job... Louis Tomlinson. She loves all the boys, but Louis! But what happens when Louis shares his feelings with her? And what happens when she falls for Louis AND another member of One Direction???


1. Louis



Carter P.O.V.


I was backstage watching the boys perform, waiting to give them their new outfits. If you were wondering, my name is Carter and I am One Directions's stylist. Right now it is their first night of their world tour and we are in the U.K.

"Carter, help me with my suspenders!" Louis demanded. Now, I LOVE my job and I love the boys, but I hate Louis. He thinks that he gets all the girls and he thinks he's better then everyone else! Not to me he's not!

"You could say please." I said to him, walking to him. "Sorry. Can you please help me with my suspenders." "I guess." I said in a sassy tone.

As I was helping him with his suspenders, he started to touch my bum.

"Louis!" I yelled at him stepping away. "Didn't I turn you on baby?" he asked getting closer to me. "No, you didn't!" I said yelling again. God, Louis is so annoying!

"Louis, leave her alone!" yelled Zayn. Then he winked at me. "Thank you Zayn!" I said smiling at Louis sarcasticly. "You totally want me Carter." Louis said winking at me before going on stage.

"Don't worry love, Louis probably just likes you. Who wouldn't?" Zayn said to me, then going on stage. I looked down and blushed. Zayn was my favorite out of all the boys. He was so sweet and kind hearted. He looks like a total ass at first, but when you get to know him, he makes you feel special. Wiat.... was I starting to like Zayn?!

As I was in my thoughts, someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see Paul pointing at Louis. They were singing Nobody Compares and Louis was staring at me, smiling. I starting blushing. I didn't want Louis to see me blushing, but he did. So he started smiling.

After the song, Louis started speaking into the microphone. "Ok everyone, this next song is dedicated to someone. I have feelings for her, but she has a boyfriend. This song is dedicated to Carter." Then, the music to I Would started playing.
I never knew Louis liked me! I thought he liked bothering me! I know he hates Danny (my boyfriend), infact, all the boys do! But i never knew he liked me.

While I was lost in my thoughts, my phone started ringing. It was Danny.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey babe. We need to talk."


"You know your friend Ashley?'

"Ya, why?"

"Well, when you left to go on tour... me and her Shes pregnet."

Those words cut me like a knife. Ashley was my best friend! How could she do this to me?!

"Danny, we are through!" I yelled into the phone. I yelled it a bit to loud, cause the boys heard me. They actually looked pretty happy. They've always told me Danny would do something like this, but I've never listened. Harry said he was a bitch! But I never listened to them. I owe them an apoligy!

"Baby, don't do this!" Danny said, begging.

"Bye Danny." I said, hanging up, the tears streaming down my face.

I put my head down, letting the tears fall. When I looked up, all the boys were standing there, concerned looks on their faces. "Come on. The concert is over with. Let's go talk about what happened in my dressing room." Liam said. So we all followed Liam to his dressing room. When we walked in, it looked amazing! He had marble walls, a nice clean table with a mirror and make up, a leather catch up against the back wall, a coffee table in front of the couch, and a snack table up against the side wall.

"Very fancy!" I said. Liam chuckled. "Ya I guess." "So, what happened?!" Harry said, being the most protective with me out of all the boys. Harry and I were like brother and sister. He was the most protective with me and it he cared about me the most. Me and Harry would never date! It would ruin our friendship.

"Well, Danny called me while you guys were singing. He told me he got... Ashley p-pregnet when I l-left." I said stuttering, tears rolling down my cheeks.


Louis P.O.V.


How could a guy do that to a girl like Carter?! She's perfect! The way her blonde curls go below her breasts, the way she has little freckles on her cute little nose, the way her blue eyes sparkle all the time.

"Carter, can I talk to you alone in the hallway?" I asked her. She just rolled her eyes, but followed me out.

"What." she asked coldly. "Look, I dedicated that song to you because thats how I feel!" I said, in a loud voice. "And what if I don't feel the same way?" she asked, looking down at the ground. "Do you?" "I don't know Louis. Your such a jerk to me! You called me fat, ugly, worthless... why would I like you?!" She yelled, this time looking into my eyes. "You know what, whatever. Forget it." I said before storming to my dressing room. "Fine!" she yelled back

Ok, I have to admit, I did say all those things to her. But that's because she would start it and say something to me! What was I supposed to do?! Just listen to her talk bad about me??? I think I did the right think for standing up for myself!


Carter P.O.V.


Did he really think I would just forgive him when he said all those stuff about me?! Wow Louis!

That night after the concert, I was in my hotel room, thinking about what to do. In the hotel rooms, we each had to share a room, so we could save money and not rent out a lot of rooms. Harry and Niall shared, and their room was across from mine, Liam and Zayn shared, and their room was next to mine. And guess who I HAD to share a room with...LOUIS!!!

While I was laying in my bed, I turned to look at Louis who was on the other bed. He was sound asleep. He looked so cute sle-WHOAH!!!! I was NOT about to say that!!

I got up from my bed, and went to the bathroom. I decided to take a shower, so I wouldn't have to take it in the morning. Tomorrow we are all just hanging around the hotel, but I would still rather take a shower now.

As I was stripping down, I looked into the mirror. Maybe all those stuff Louis said about me wa-

"Carter?!?! Why are you naked?!" Louis yelled, by the door, knocking me out of my thoughts. "Louis!! Close the door!" I yelled, trying to cover myself up. "Nah, I'd rather watch this and enjoy the view.." "Sicko!" I yelled. He laughed and closed the door.

When he left, I took out my razor and made another cut on my arm. The blood was rushing down my arm in pain.

"Wait, Carter-" Louis started opening the door. Then he looked at the razor in my hand and the blood. "Carter?" "YOU DID THIS TO ME LOUIS!!! YOUR THE REASON WHY I CUT MYSELF!!!" I yelled, before grabbing my robe and running out of the hotel room, the blood still on my arm.

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