Tough Love

Carter was a normal girl... she lived on her own, and she had an amazing job! She was One Direction's stylist... but theres one thing she hates about her job... Louis Tomlinson. She loves all the boys, but Louis! But what happens when Louis shares his feelings with her? And what happens when she falls for Louis AND another member of One Direction???


8. A Day Out With Harry



Harry P.O.V.


 I woke up in an unrecognized room. I then remembered that we all slept over at Louis and Carter's yesterday night.

I stretched out my arms while yawning. I looked around the room and saw that everyone was still asleep.

I slowly got out of the bed, trying not to wake up Liam and Niall. I finally reached the end of the bed and stood up on the floor.

I walked slowly over to the mini fridge, rubbing my side. "Harry?" I turned around to see Carter sitting up in bed, rubbing her eyes.

"Hello love." I said, opening the fridge and pulling out grapes. I walked over to the small table in the corner and sat down, popping a grape in my mouth.

Carter got out of bed slowly, then walked towards me and sat down next to me. "What time is it?" she asked, yawning.

"Umm, 9 am." I answered, looking at the watch on my wrist. She nodded. "So Carter, how about me and you spend the day together?"

"Harry-" she started, but I cut her off. "Please Carter. Not like a date or anything. Just as friends, like old times."

She looked around, then back at me, and sighed. "Alright."

"HEY!!!!" Louis yelled, sitting up in his bed. Zayn smacked him on his back, his eyes still closed. Niall and Liam got up, groaning.

They all came to the table and sat down with us. "Hey babe." Louis said, pecking Carter's cheek. I tensed up.

I then relaxed when Carter looked at me and lipped 'Calm down.' "Louis?" She asked. "Yes love?" "Harry and I are gonna go out today." Louis looked at me, then back at Carter, sighing. "Alright. Just be careful."

"I will. I'm gonna go get dressed!" She said, jumping up from the table and running into the bathroom.

Louis then looked at me. "Don't try anything." He said firmly. "I wont." I said. "Ok, well lets go Hazza." Zayn said, standing up from the table.

"Yeah, Niall and I are gonna head back to our hotel room too." Liam said, standing up. "Ok, see ya guys later!" Louis said, waving at us as we walked out the door.


Carter P.O.V.


I walked out of the bathroom, to find Louis laying on the bed watching SpongeBob. He then turned his head to look at me and his eyes popped out of his head!

I had on a grey tank under a grey see through tank, skinny jeans, and grey TOMS. I straightened my hair and put on light make up.

"You look...Gorgeous." Louis stated, getting up from the bed and coming over towards me. "Thank you." I said, blushing.

"You have fun? Alright?" He said, pecking my lips. "I will." I said, giggling. "Love ya!" "Love ya to BooBear!" He chuckled.

I walked out of the hotel room and to Harry's. I knocked on the door and it was soon answered by Harry. He was wearing a white v neck, skinny jeans, and white shoes.

"Hey." He said, smiling. "Hi." I said, returning the smile. "Ready to go?" He asked. "Yup!"



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