Earth Week

The player, the bad boy, the bully of school and the nerd, the book warm, the geek of the school join for earth week. Will Ariana survive one week with the guy who bully's her every day? Will Justin change this week, will they become friends at the end of the week or stay ennemies forever?


9. Stalking

Its been like 4hrs and shes not back yet. I got out of the cabin and started walking. I didnt know where she went so I just kept walking until I saw something shiny on the ground. I got closer and say a little necklace it looked familiar so I kept it looking at it. I look closer to it and I saw a little a little line on the heart that looked like it could open. I opened it and saw a three girls maybe in 4th grade they all really look familiar. Two of them are dressed like superheros one has a pink cape with those plastic fake pig noses and freckles. The other one has a leopard cape with leopard ears and wiskers. The last one has a minnie mouse costume. Hey wait a minute that girl in the minnie mouse costume.. Is it? Wait it is.. Its Ariana. Now I know that im in the right path. Two or three minutes after I heard something but im not quite sure what it is. Then it got clearer. Its a voice. Someone singing. Its a beautiful voice, a voice of an angel that came from heaven. Who ever that was must be beautiful. I just had to see who's face will match with that angelic voice. After a while I saw something on the ground that looked like a shirt. I picked it up and looked at it. Later on I saw shorts, then socks and shoes. Confused, I continued walking and the singing got louder. Then I thought I saw the mysterious girl singing. I hid behind a bush and looked in a hole. I saw her. Ariana. She was beautiful. Swiming In the lac with only her bra and underwear left. She's... she's flawless. Suddenly I saw a bee infront of me so I backed away. A branch cracked under my foot.. Loud. Ari:" Hello? Who's there?" Justin ran out of the bush.....Justin:" umm its its just me." Ari:" great." Sarcastickly. While getting out of the water and walks pass him. Justin:" Ariana wait!" Ari: she stops and turns around."What?" Justin:" I found this on the ground I think it belongs to you." Hands her the necklace. Ari:" thanks." Justin: staring at her cleavage stuck in the moment. Ari: lifts his head towards her face. "My eyes are up here! And I said thank you for my necklace." Justin: blushes" oh umm sorry your welcome. " Ari:" Is my mind playing games or Justin Bieber is blushing!!" Giggles Justin: blushes more stares somewhere else." Shut up!" Ari: giggles" Whatever" She dries her self with her towel and put her clothes back on. Justin:"why are you here anyways?" Ari:"Because SOMEONE didnt want to pee in the woods and i was sweating soo i had to cool myself off. Now since you already saw me naked i didnt have any reasons not to go in the lake." She walks off leaving him there. 


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