Earth Week

The player, the bad boy, the bully of school and the nerd, the book warm, the geek of the school join for earth week. Will Ariana survive one week with the guy who bully's her every day? Will Justin change this week, will they become friends at the end of the week or stay ennemies forever?



Justin takes his shirt and shorts off. And runs after Ariana. Justin: grabs her waist and turns it so she's facing him. Ari:"What the-"Justin:"im going swimming." Ari: rolles eyes"What do you want?" Justin:grabs her towel."Thank you! Its just what i needed!" He runs back leaves towel on the edge and jumps in the lake. Ari:"Jackass"she walks back to the cabin and reads a magazine. Three hours later. Ari'sPOV: Im sooo bored and hungry! Where is he?! Thats it im going to get him. I cant take it anymore! I feel like my stomach is slowly eating itself!!! I walked to the lake and no sign of a dickhead to be seen. Wtf?! Where the the hell is he now?!! I looked around not too far because i have to find my way back. I started calling for him. Ari:"Justin!" No response. Ari:" Justin!!" She said a little louder. No response. Ari:"JUSTIN FUCKING DREW BIEBER!!!!GET YOUR FUCKING ASS HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!" I yelled. No response. No. Instead i almost had a heart attack. Justin: jumps infront of her and yells here i am!!! Ari:" AAAAAH!!!"Ari:"Wtf?!! Justin!! Why would you do that?!!! I nearly shat myself!!! You scared the living shit out of me!!!" Justin: laughing his ass off. Calms down a little."that was epic!! You should of seen your face!!!" Starts laughing again. Ari:" are you done?!" Justin: calms down."yeah. Now what did you call me?" Ari:" im fucking hungry! Wheres the food?!" They go to the cabin. He opens the door that leads to stairs. He goes down stairs and she follows. He opens a closet that is apparentally a pantry. It was filled with healthy snacks when i say healthy im mean 100% natural bio snacks shit. Except.. One thing that cought my eye. Nutella. I grabed it. Justin:"Hey hey hey!! I brought that down here its mine!" Ariana:"Well can i have it please?" Justin:" Well since you said it that way.. NO WAY IN HELL I AM GOING TO SHARE MY NUTELLA WITH YOU!!!!" Grabs it out of her hold Ari'sPOV: Hes playing like that then im going to get it the hard way.. End of POV Ari: talks with a seductive voice."You know.."she walks closer towards him "That wasnt nice at all"walks closer"in fact" walks closer"what you did was very"walks closer their bodies are touching" very"they only an inch apart from each others lips" Very naughty"whispers the last part she kisses his cheek and takes the nutella jar out of his hold. She walks away with a spoon and a jar. 

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