Earth Week

The player, the bad boy, the bully of school and the nerd, the book warm, the geek of the school join for earth week. Will Ariana survive one week with the guy who bully's her every day? Will Justin change this week, will they become friends at the end of the week or stay ennemies forever?


1. Intro

We arrived in the middle of the forest. Its earth week. At our school earth week is a week where every class goes on a trip that involves nature and stay in that location for a week. Our teacher decided that this year earth week is going to be a kind of a survival week.. Well for me it is. We need to live in a cabin for a week with a partner, teachers choice obviously. The thing is that in those cabins they is no electricity. Plus i know this week is gonna be a living hell for me cuz they confiscate our cellphones. I tried hiding it but they found it.
Ok let me tell you a little bit more about myself. My name is Ariana, Ariana Grande-Butera is my full name mostly known as "ugly mary". Im 17 and i go to Raymond high. I am the nerd, geek, loner of the school. They call me ugly mary first of all I have no idea where did mary come from. 2nd im not pretty but im not ugly either I just wear a lot of clothes. For example right now im wearing a massive t-shirt with a blouse on top, a hoodie, and two scarfs. I made a sock bun that I hid completly with my beanie. Im wearing nerdy glasses but they are not real though. My mom asks me all the time if I feel insecure with my body. No. I dont. Why do I dress like that , because 5 years ago I was walking home from school and guess what? I got raped. By TWO GUYS maybe 40 years old!!! Since then im afraid to show my body to guys.
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