Earth Week

The player, the bad boy, the bully of school and the nerd, the book warm, the geek of the school join for earth week. Will Ariana survive one week with the guy who bully's her every day? Will Justin change this week, will they become friends at the end of the week or stay ennemies forever?


5. Bad surprise part 2

Justin'POV:" I really have to pee..badly. Its been like two hours that she's been in the shower. Its earth week. Wow this is ironic. End of POV
Justin:" Ariana!!!! Are you done I need to pee!!!!!! Ari:" go in the woods!!" Justin:" its earth week not kill a tree week, although that would be epic!!!.. Seriously dude get out im gonna explode!!!!!" Ari:" go in the freaking woods!!!" Justin:" would rather get out now or I come in?!!" Ari:" you wouldnt!" Justin:"watch me!!" He kicks the door open. Ari:" AAAH!!! WTF are you doing?!!!" What is wrong with you?!!" She slaps him.
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