Dont Break my Heart

A girl named Alex meets a handsome man named Zayn in highschool and a lot of things happen in their friendship. Read to find out what happens.


1. No More Fear

"COME HERE!" my dad screams through out the house. "I'm coming!" Yelled at him from my room. He beats me everyday. He slaps me across my face. Then there is a hand imprint on my head. I closed my door then locked it. I can hear him coming up the stairs. I have enough time to pack important stuff in my bag then climb out the window. He has 5 more flights of stairs to go up. We are pretty wealthy since my mother owned the local mall and school in the city, Doncaster. She is at work 24/7. I gather up my things and climb out the window. My dad has a key to every door in the house. He opens the door noticing I was gone. I am in the tree house next to my window that my parents made incase I was stuck in a fire. He looks around, then he looks at me. I climb down the laddder as fast as I could. He runs down the stairs then to the front door. I'm already on the street running as fast as my legs can carry me. I turn around for at least 30 seconds and I see him in the distance. I turn back around and started running again. I'm almost to my moms office. My dad got really close to me. When was he in such a good shape? He is always sitting on the couch eating like a slob and watching television. I work out for 2 hours each day. "OH WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU!" he screams to the top of his lungs. almost everyone stopped and stared. I reach the door handle to the office and shut it. Hard. I went up to my mom who was looking very curious about what happened. Dad is banging on the door. I know that he won't give up. I tell mom the truth about dad. She thought it was best for me to move out. "Your 17 and you can take care of yourself. I can get you a job somewhere at the mall. Ok?" my mom said. "Ok. How will I afford a house though?" I say with butterflies in my stomach. "Well, I didn't tell your father about this so he won't  know where you are. When you were 13, I realized you will be a teenage girl and you won't be able to afford the house and the house payments in 5 years. You couldn't even save the 20 dollars that I gave you for your 14th birthday. so I bought you a house in on SilverCreek rd." "Thank you mom.'' I say thankfully. ''It already has furniture in it. It has a lot of nice things. It is a 3 story house. you don't even have to pay the bills and taxes. I got that covered.'' "Thank you mom. You saved my life.'' I say. '' You should go out the back door. Your father won't see you through the fence.'' ''Ok. I love you'' I said. ''Love you too.'' my mom says smiling. Then, I walk out the door. "WAIT!'' my mom shouts. ''I forgot to give you directions to the house. It has the address and everything.'' she says with a wide smile among her face. ''Thanks again.'' I say happily while I walk out the door. ''Bye!'' my mom shouts. ''Bye!" I say. I was already on the street by then.

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