Anna Maze is imprisoned in a mental institution for a crime she did not commit. The Death of Harry Styles. The story shares her past and present that is known to haunt her.


1. Okay so heres what.

I didn't kill him. I loved him. But anything can be framed these days. Luckily i didn't end up behind the real bars. I wouldn't have survived one day. But we will come to that later. Even though i didn't kill him. I saw who did. But you'd call me CRAZY if i told you who.  



I looked out the barred window humming the last tune i heard on the radio the night i was taken to this hell of an institution. This was luxery compared to where who ever wanted me out of the picture wanted me to be. They wanted me locked up. They wanted me to go insane. But im not insane. Im not normal either. But being locked up in here for 2 years really convinses you that you are. INSANE, CRAZY, SICK. Thats what they think i am. 

My name? Yea i still remember. 

My Birthday? Yea of course.

My Mothers name? No shit!  Shes my mother.

Anna Maze, June 13th, Angela. 

Back in the day, i was a hopeless seventeen year old fooled under the spell of love. Our love was unexplainable. But ill try, just for you. Our love was amazing, it was everything anyone could ever want. it was magical. The spark never left. Even when we faught. We couldn't stay mad at eachother. Oh sorry im rambling again.

Harry was very fragile with me and my feelings. When i was twelve years old i was diagnosed as bipolar that was probably why. I guess thats the reason im stuck in here. Because im diagnosed. If many of you don't know what bipolar is it's when you are highly depressed and get mood swings. Its very severe.  But Harry made me forget about all of that. 


They think i killed him because of this disorder. They say 'She was so depressed she took alll her anger out on him by killing him'. I was sane. Everything was getting better when i was with harry. My medications were working perfectly. Until that last week when i found out my mother had died. So thats what the detectives describe as a motive to kill.

But the killer is far from insane. He or she, not saying what, comes to visit me. Taunts me about it. Threatning to kill me if i say anything about him or her killing harry. Filling my head, trying to trick me into believeing i did kill him made me mad. I'd slam this person against the wall, or atleast try too. Thats when the nurseses would take this person out and calm me down, asking me what happened, but there story was much more believeing than mine. 


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