This is a story about a group of unlikely people becoming friends. Join the adventures of Latte


22. The Resolution

“84 Sherwood Drive. That’s just a few blocks away from my house!” Geoffrey said excitedly. They didn’t have to go looking on a map or anywhere. It was right there. Latte quickly hopped on their bikes, and rode to the manager’s home.


            When they got there, they found him watering the grass. There wasn’t much grass, but he probably didn’t have anything better to do, mainly because he devoted his life to his job.


            “Well look who it is. It really is great to see all of you.”


            “Quit the chit-chat!” Emily started. “What convinced you to steal my book?”


            “You’re not talking about the book that my grandson Harold brought me. He said that it was just sitting in the floor at his Halloween party. I used to be a novelist, and he wanted me to finish the book for him because he really hates unfinished books.”


            “Oh, that would make sense. I guess I never looked on the floor. That still doesn’t explain what you did to Harold!”


            “Calm down. He was a part of the student exchange program. Didn’t you notice the new Croatian kid?”


            “I didn’t notice him probably because he never stood out. Next time the school takes a part of the student exchange program, I will look out.” The rest of the conversation simmered out and Latte eventually left.


            Things eventually started to get better for everyone. Mr. Evan McKee found a savings bond hidden in his house for him. He started Starbucks up again and the first people hired were Latte. Latte had some fights, but the strength of their friendship kept them together. Emily even finished her story. After a few months of editing, it was published and sold on Amazon. The group has been through several adventures, and have more to come.






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