This is a story about a group of unlikely people becoming friends. Join the adventures of Latte


12. The Halloween Party


            Chapter 6


            “Are you ready for the party guys?” Emily asked everyone.


            “All ready!” Matt answered for the whole group.


            “Ok meet me at his house in five minutes!"

         * * *


The Latte group gathered themselves on the patio before they walked in. As Harold’s butler opened the door, Geoffrey thanked him. Latte walked into the marble flooring and dropped their jaws. The double spiral staircases lead to an upstairs with fake cobwebs. In the middle was the hors d'oeuvres table covered with spiders crawling up the side. The whole house was spacious but packed. The chandelier above them had been replaced with flickering yellow lights and the stringy cobwebs. Latte wasn’t the only ones impressed with the decorations. Everyone else was too. Even some had been here ever since the start of the party and they were still noticing new things. Then Harold walked up to Latte.


“Hello I’m so glad you could make it! Let me give you as a group a tour of the party. Here we have the snacks. Be sure to help yourself. Then we have a sitting room and you can bring your food in here. Over to your right, we have a ball room which is currently holding the dance. Do you have any questions?”


“No, but who is going to clean up this mess?” Matt asked.


“Oh, don’t worry about that. I have people to do that for me.”


The Latte group went straight to the sitting room to socialize. People were too in depth of conversation to notices their presence. Brianna found a circle of seats closest to the corner. After a few minutes, the Latte group got a few people looking. They were wondering what an odd assortment of people were doing together. Then, all the lights went off and a few people screamed. Others thought that this was just a Halloween prank.

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