This is a story about a group of unlikely people becoming friends. Join the adventures of Latte


9. The Blunder Games

     ”We seriously need to do something together,” Geoffrey said.


     “No more Starbucks either. We should see a movie.” Latte saw a poster for “The Blunder Games.” That’s the movie they were going to see.


* * *


     “The Blunder Games” was awesome, well at least most of the Latte group thought so.


     “I really thought it was dumb.” Matt stated his different opinion.


     “I think it’s a little ironic that Matt thinks something is dumb. He himself isn’t the brightest bulb in the box.” Geoffrey’s opinion was actually a true fact.


     “Well the plot makes absolutely no sense. I just wanted to stomp out and get a refund.”


     “Whatever, I liked it when Peeta dressed as a cake to disguise himself and ended up giving the other competitors some food,” Emily said.


     “It wasn’t as funny as the time Kitty Kat crawled up that tree and fell off. Only then, she landed on a tracker jacker’s nest.” May said.


     “Everyone knows that this movie has a 69.99% chance of never happening.” Brianna made her first comment.


     “I am totally in love with Gale. He’s the cutest,” May said in a romantic tone


     “A recent poll of the United States showed that 100% of people thought Peeta was the best, and trust me, I wasn’t the only one polled.” Brianna defended herself.


     “I’m Team Edward. He rocks.” Matt was not sure exactly what to say.


     “Are you even following our conversation?” Geoffrey asked


     “No.” Everything gets quiet. Then out of nowhere, a huge argument begins. Out of everyone’s voices, Geoffrey’s was the loudest and easiest to make out.


     “Why can’t anyone understand?! Peeta and Edward are the best choices. Gale was only in the movie for five minutes, and Jacob is an antagonist. Who likes an antagonist?”


     “I liked Cato. Cato and the careers were awesome,” Matt said in a very soft voice.


     “Why?!” Geoffrey was a little mad at this point.


     “Anyways, if you’re going to like Gale, then there’s an 89.9% chance that you will be kicked out of Latte!” Brianna was serious. Gasps were even heard.


     “Really?” May asked, sounding concerned.


     “No, I just like messing with you. I love the way we can joke around.”


     “Me too!”

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