This is a story about a group of unlikely people becoming friends. Join the adventures of Latte


10. The Babies


            “Hey guys, what is up?” Geoffrey just joined in on Latte’s group call.


            “You will not believe what happened! My mother just had quintuplets!” Emily said.


            “No Way! That’s awesome!”


            “It’s not. I’m going to lose all of the attention in the house because of all these babies.”


            “Well I’m sorry. What are their names?” Matt asked


            “Nana, Nini, Nunu, Nono, and Mary Beth.”


            “What a weird name!” Matt exclaimed.


            “I don’t see anything wrong with Mary Beth. A lot of girls have two names.”


            “Well I guess that’s what your parents wanted.”


            “The main reason I called you is because I have to take them on a stroll through the park this Saturday. That means I won’t be able to make our outing,” Emily said.


            “Isn’t that dangerous?  There’s an 87.5% chance that they will catch a cold or get sick.” Brianna is always there for us.


            “My parents aren’t very sensible. They accidentally kicked me down the stairs once. Well I got to go. See you guys tomorrow!”


            “Bye Emily,” everyone said in unison. I just used that as an excuse to write. It has been so long since I showed you what I’ve been working on. Yes, I’m talking to you, the unappreciated person of your time. Ok,  here it is.


            Alfred and I have to babysit today. Guess who we have to baby sit. Carli Rae’s little sister. I think that Carli is just trying to set me up. I should’ve known better than to allow just anyone to come. On the bright side, I made Carli’s little sister cost a little extra.


            The main reason I have to do this babysitting is to raise money for our school. Everyone who donates $20.00 get free fudge pop. Mom said that I need to raise it so that I can enjoy the fudge pop more. So, here I am. I have a total of $16.00 and two more people need to show up. Babysitting is such a hassle. I wish all those babies would grow up. Poof! What was that?


             When I enter the kitchen, I see several teenagers lounging around. Did I just… but I... huh? Do I have special powers?


            “Amber, what’s going on in here?” I asked my older sister.


            “Oh, I’m just having a party. Don’t tell mom!”


            “I can’t make any promises. Have you seen any babies?”


            “No.” Well that’s just great. It’s my first day of babysitting and I already lost the babies. It hasn’t even been 5 minutes. That has to be some king of record. Wait, didn’t I hear the door open? I looked outside and found no babies. Ok, I can go either left and look or right and look. It’s time to do this the way everything has should be settled by. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollers, make 'em pay $50 every day. My mom told me to pick the very best one and you are it.. 


            Ok it’s time to go right. I live in an apartment building on what is like the streets of San Francisco. Luckily, the right way is going down-hill. As I run, I here a wailing in an alley. There they are. It seems as if they are having some sort of meeting with a projector and diagrams.


            “Okay, here we have the rubber duck hidden. Here in the closet,” the presenter said. Wait, they planned the scavenger hunt. Passing the fact that babies planned this, I must steal the locations of the hidden objects.


            I hope you enjoyed my excerpt. I love twists and that had a cool twist. Babies who disappear and plan a scavenger hunt is pretty awesome. I bet no one saw that coming. I didn’t either. Well, when you’re with Emily Charm, you’re going to get some randomness.



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