This is a story about a group of unlikely people becoming friends. Join the adventures of Latte


13. Splitting Up

Chapter 7

    “My story is missing!” Emily said.

     “Why did you even bring it here?” Brianna asked.

     “I guess I just need some new inspiration.”

     “I would just stick to finding inspiration at home,” Matt said. A murmur of voices begins to fill the room. Then, everyone is looking straight at Latte.

     “Um, Hi!” Geoffrey said to keep things normal.

     “It was those people who turned off the lights and kidnapped Harold. You can tell because they have never hung out. When have you ever seen them hang out? It was a setup!” Latte didn’t even know who this person was. He appeared to be 12ish and apparently loved to jump to conclusions.

            “I’m sure it was just a big misunderstanding. We don’t even know who did it,” Emily took up for the group. Who could have possibly kidnapped Harold and why? It seems as if they were trying to blame Latte for the incident.

            Someone finally had the bright idea of actually calling the police. His entire mansion was put under lockdown, but at least Latte still have the hors d’ oeuvres. Oh wait, the police just confiscated them for possible poisoning. So Latte now has to eat food provided by the police department. Ugh, peanut butter and jelly. May is allergic to peanuts. Geoffrey hates jelly. Emily has a wheat allergy. Brianna has epilepsy, and Matt can’t eat without his bib. He’s really bad about making messes.

     Finally, at 12:00 A.M. the police let Latte and the others out. The Latte group got several looks, and they weren’t very nice looks. Everyone though that Latte was responsible for all of this. There was no way that Latte could prove that they were innocent.

    “So, any ideas on whose fault it was?” Brianna asked.

            “It’s not mine!” Matt was really eager to get the blame off himself, then again, who wouldn’t be?

            “Well we have to find out!” May does a twitch again. Her twitches are getting stronger.

            “Okay… I’m making a list of possible suspects. Right now, you’re guilty until proven innocent, even though there’s a 100% chance that doesn’t even abide with very many rulings.” Brianna said.

            “So you’re saying that I’m guilty! I am not guilty!” Geoffrey screamed.

            “No, I’m just saying that if you can prove yourself innocent, then you are.” Geoffrey began to calm down. Everyone started to have nervous looks on their faces.

            “I can say that I’m not guilty. All of you saw me.” Matt said with Brianna.

            “Actually, the lights were off and no one saw it. Like you said, you’re guilty until proven innocent,” Emily argued.

            “I’m the investigator and there’s a 95% chance that I didn’t do it,” Brianna replied.

            “What about the 5%, Brianna? There still is a chance that you’re guilty.” Emily was on a roll.

            “Well, I’m with Brianna!” Matt decided.

            “You’re just saying that because you don’t want to be guilty.” Emily was right. Matt never really associates with Brianna.

            “Yeah, pretty much. I’m not really sure how I would prove myself innocent.”

            “I think I’ll join Brianna and Matt,” May said.

            “No! You’re staying with me!” Emily yelled out.

            “Okay, I guess I better join you.” May was talking in a nervous and quiet voice.

            “I guess that leaves me,” Geoffrey said. “I want to be… independent.”

            “What in the world?! It’s a tiebreaker and you chose independent!” Emily was getting furious.

            “Nothing’s wrong with making that decision. I really didn’t want to choose between you and Brianna. Also, because of your remark, I’m starting to like Brianna’s side better,” Geoffrey said.

            “Yes!” Matt did a little punch to the air.

            “Don’t get too happy over there. I still haven’t made my final decision.”



            If you haven’t noticed already, this book uses acronyms because the author is really lazy to write everything out. Brianna and Matt’s party will be “Bam” for Brianna And Matt. Geoffrey will just be “Independent.” Emily and May will be the “Charm” party because Emily thought her last name would perfect and May was too afraid to say anything.

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