This is a story about a group of unlikely people becoming friends. Join the adventures of Latte


19. No Coffee for Latte

             “So after examining the writing style of the suspects, I found that none of them were guilty,” Emily said.


            “Wow, I would’ve never thought of comparing the writing style, but now that you have, we know our suspect doesn’t go to this school.” Geoffrey was getting excited. Everyone in Latte was.


            “Who would it be though if the suspect doesn’t go to this school? Harold didn’t invite anyone that doesn’t go to this school.” Silly Matt, he didn’t realize that adults went to the party. Brianna rolled her eyes.


            “How do you plan on finding the right adult? There are only over five thousand adults that live here. There’s also a 33.3453% percent chance that you won’t find the real suspect.” Brianna had to be all pessimistic with her numbers again.


            “That’s a very good question,” Emily commented.


                                                               * * *


            “Did you guys hear? Starbucks ran out of business, well at least the one in our community!” Matt strained.


            “Oh my goodness, that’s terrible! Where will we get our over-priced coffee flavored beverages now?” Emily was the most worried out of the group.


            “There’s one in our neighboring city,” Geoffrey stated.


            “Let me rephrase that. Where will we get our over-priced coffee flavored beverages in a reasonable driving distance now?”


            “I think it’s hilarious. We are just a bunch of losers that panic like chickens with their heads cut off. Now we aren’t,” May began twitching and everyone got worried.

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