This is a story about a group of unlikely people becoming friends. Join the adventures of Latte


15. Mystery Stories

“That’s a bummer. We lost our favorite job,” Geoffrey said. Latte sat on a bench outside of Starbucks. “Well since we lost everything, we might as well join back together and find out who really stole my novel and kidnapped Harold.” Emily had surrendered but hadn’t all of Latte really surrendered. “I guess we’re going to have to be a part of those novels where we have to find clues. Personally I think it’s just way too much work. Why can’t we hire a private investigator?” Matt did have a really good idea but Brianna seemed to disagree. “It’s obvious. You don’t want the reader to be bored out of their mind do you?” “I could really care less about the reader. I just don’t want to be framed for everything.” No one really cared for Matt’s opinion. “We know it had to be someone at the party and no one our age. Who would really want Harold? I didn’t say that. Yes I did, and I meant it.” May was having some real problems. How could she explain that her conscience was speaking for her? “Um, okay then. This detective stuff is hard and there’s a 70.84% chance that we’ll never get a single clue,” Brianna stated. “Hey, is that a paper I see flying off in the distance. It looks just like the paper I used to write my story on. Let’s check it out!” Emily has a very keen eye. The chase for the paper had begun. It was a very windy day so that was what made everything so hard. Then, the paper got caught in a tree. As soon as Emily reached for it, it became loose again and the process started all over again. Latte was about 50 yards away from the paper when it rested itself on the handrail of a bridge. Whoosh! One good blow and the paper fell into a giant valley.
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