This is a story about a group of unlikely people becoming friends. Join the adventures of Latte


3. May Flower's POV

 “Do you think he loves me?” I ask


“Ugh no, just because he asked you a question doesn’t mean that he likes you.”


“What makes you say so?”


“Well I mean look at you, you’re a complete unwanted loser. You won’t ever be like a normal girl. You can’t even apply mascara without watching the tutorial on YouTube. Now that’s sad, for two reasons. One, what kind of person spends their time making a video, showing people how to apply makeup properly. And two, you have to make everything a homework project. Who does research at home?”


“I think you’re just jealous. You can’t say anything without my approval. I control you.”


“We’ll see how that works out. You’d be better off sticking to what I say.”


“Ok, fine! Why do we always have to argue? It’s just sad, and you know what. We’re through; don’t ever talk to me again!” I begin to cry into my pillow. After I dry it up, I begin reading How to Escape the Wrath of Your Self-Conscience and other Physiological Tips. I will not be controlled by that pesky thing.





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